Ok, the tour ended on the 31st of May. we, Helen my road manager and myself, had a great time and met many good people who put a lot into making this tour successful, couldn’t have done it without the that local support and local mental health organizations who are doing the real hard work on the ground. Many of the places we hit I’ve never been before and found them to be very interesting and wish i had more time to spend at many of them…speaking of spending, I was also lucky to pick up up several nice comic books in many of these cities. It was fun hitting local comic book shops…back on point, the intention of the tour was to raise mental health and addiction awareness, a ton of folks wanted to tell their stories to help remove the stigma of that surrounds mental illness and addiction. Many strong people were ready for the negative perception to be lifted and the truth be told. Mental illness isn’t a choice, people can be born with it and it’s just something they have, we have, like anything else. Some folks may have diabetes, or cancer, we have mental illness….anyway thank you to all the people who gave support to the tour, you truly are amazing folks.
ps – Helen needs to be fed every three hours so i’m thinking about creating www.feedthehelen.org