lets see…a ton of stuff has happened since my last entry…sorry about the lack of them, i’ll try and bring you up to speed, and i know i’ll miss a bunch of stuff but i’ll try and do my best…

*the acting out event went very good..my talk / presentation with Dr. Calabrese about vincent van gogh went over well.

*as mentioned in the previous update, some lady ran a light in lakewood ohio and t-boned me, totaled my car. i got a new one with the insurance money, her insurance money. i got a 2009 crown victoria, a federal car with cop suspension. it came from georgia so there is no rust, very clean white car. V-8 so it’s fast, 65,000 miles on it, tinted windows and there are still police flashers mounted in the rear window. i put a saxon sticker on it, my new wheels of steel.

*andrew wk kicked major ass

*a friend of mine was in town and we went to a bunch of gigs…venom inc., andrew wk, the get up kids, and the movie life, all were great.

*i accendently took a vetmedin, one of my dogs pills for his heart murmur when taking my morning meds. i went straight the emergency room where they held me for two hours. once they felt everything would be ok they let me go home. once home i took rommel out for a walk. no more than a half a block down the street my chest started to hurt bad, and i could barely breath. i collapsed on the side walk, the postman was near by and called 911. an ambulance came and got me and rommel. i told them what had happened, they said they were gonna take me back to the ER and for them to get it right. on the way one of the ambulance guys put rommel in my house. once at the ER, they gave me an ekg while my jaw began to hurt as well. they told me i was having a heart attack and sent me by ambulance, flashers and sirens blaring down to the university hospitals main campus. once there they began getting me ready to get a “stint”. they shoved a cable in through my wrist, up the arm and into the heart. once there they could seen it was something different, i had a “myocardial bridge” so no stint was needed. i was then taken to the intensive care unit for cardiac problems. i stayed there a few days, then sent to the cardiac ward where i spent a few more days. once my meds, a bata blocker, had things under control i was released. moral to the story, don’t take your dogs medicine.

*hell has officially frozen over, WNCX 98.5, cleveland’s classic rock, has played victim of changes.