as i continue on with DJ-ing my 70’s and 80’s vinyl thanks to my buddy LT who bought me a tiny compact turn table for christmas. i’m picturing it in all my posts that are DJ posts. this one you can see todays record cover pick, the sisters of mercy “floodland”, way back with the jo in the foreground, the jo approves of this pick….and it is a very approvable pick. this record came out in 1987 when i was living in detroit, a city that is very sisters of mercy friendly. they capture the detroit decay in their music. their previous release “first and last and always” pictures them in front of some detroit adult movie theater (pictured above), even though they are an english band. they are goth. but this release is something special, it has pushed beyond standard goth, it has songs that could have been commercially successful. they say the secret to a hit is to repeat the chorus as much as possible…and the sisters of mercy certainly accomplished this with the song “this corrosion”, it is popped up dark goth with the hooks and sing along lyrics (see video below). but there is more to this release, it is a complete thought, the composition of the songs and the composition of songs placement makes this listen like a good book, start to finish. the title tracks, “flood I” and “flood II”, have the pull of a receding tied while pushing you back out to sea. this is the kind of record that just makes your ears feel good. i advise the reader of this post to investigate the sisters of mercy further.