ok group, the new fu manchu from what i heard, is amazing. it’s called “clone of the universe” and will be released in early february. the title song is 18 minutes long and features Alex lifeson of rush…how cool is that? i’ll tell you how cool that is, it’s very cool.
we will have two cool things available for valentines day, all the information will come soon.
rommel seems to be doing better, the doc thinks there might be a mass growing on his liver, but he has been responding well with his liver pills so it may just be an infection. regardless, he’s jumping around wanting to go on walks, eating the hell out of braunschweiger, which is the only thing he’ll eat, along with cheese, i think it must be the german in him.
well, thats all in got for you…stay tuned, more to come…and remember i talk a lot of shit on my radio show so tune into that on wednesdays.