hey group…well what do i got for you today…let’s see, some kind of intellectual mental health wanna be took a shot at my new book, “31 days of may” and me personally. isn’t the first time someone voiced their opinions towards my art, but one of the few times they took a dig at me personally. really, it’s no big deal, just thought i’d share it with you, and if you’re so inclined take a look, i posted it on my facebook page, check it out HERE.
tomorrow morning is my radio show as some off you are aware. if you aren’t, i’m on every wednesday 11am to 12:30pm east coast time on 89.3 cleveland air space or anywhere in the world on line at WCSB.ORG

also, some more radio BS, i’m doing a radio show with my pal’s helen and libby that airs tuesday morning at 3am to 5am called “rock idiom”. FYI all radio shows are archived for one week so you can listen to past show’s for one week of their broadcast. just go to WCSB.ORG and dig in, it isn’t that hard to find previous shows.