i went fishing yesterday at my favorite spot behind the rock and roll hall of fame with my buddy mike olszewski. mike has an extensive history in radio, wmms, wncx, etc. he also wrote a very great book about wmms in it’s hay day in the 1970’s. those were the days the DJ’s could program what they wanted and by doing so wmms broke several bands in the states, david bowie and rush are just a few. they got their only air play in the states right here in cleveland. also it gives a great inside look at how radio stations operated and the down low war’s with other stations. his book is call “RADIO DAZE, stories from the front in cleveland’s fm air wars” and cover’s a lot more of great stuff, the buzzard, the world series of rock which i was lucky enough to had made it to one and saw bon scott and phil lynott in one amazing line up………and so on.

that’s a picture of him with our heritage here in cleveland, a sheephead. they call them drums in other places, but it’s sheephead and pop here at home.