ok, DJ today…the ramones “road to ruin”. what do i have to write about the ramones? the the name “ramones” pretty much sums it up, i would hope people reading this are well versed in the ramones already. for me i was a late bloomer with the ramones, this was a 1978 release and i was firmly in the grip of metal at that age, probably didn’t recognize them till thier 80 release “end of the century” and didn’t really pay attention till the early 80’s. but, when i did, i made up for lost time, i saw them twice (did a poster for one of them…see HERE) and own most of their catalog. ‘road to ruin’ has some great songs,  “i just want to have something to do” is one i love, and the classic “i wanna be sedated” which is right up there in the top ten ramones  songs like “gimmie gimmie shock treatment” – youtube of them doing “i wanna be sedated” live below. decent cover art, not top notch stuff, it reflects the music well though. crude garage punk rock type drawing, fits.