ok, first off…remember tomorrow is radio day…i’m on wednesday, 11am to 12:30pm east coast time, tune in on cleveland air space at 89.3 or anywhere in the world at WCSB.ORG
ok, so, we’ve been in the winter weather here in cleveland for a while now, go figure, it’s winter. there’s lots of snow on the roads and it’s in the single digits for temperature. anyway, i have a good snow car (see october 6th and december 30th update ) and have no problem getting from point A to point B. i do have a problem with all these folks with their F-150 whatever pickup fucks. so there’s snow on the road, doesn’t mean you own the road. you should see these asshole speeding along, tailgating, taking two lanes, and voting for trump. overcompensation doesn’t begin to excuse their driving non-skills….about the tailgating, when someone is doing that to you, check this out, it always works….make sure you get up to speed, 60MPH or more, make sure the F-150 fuck is right on your ass, and start with washing your windshield, all the fluid sprays over your car and splashes their windshield. nothing like looking in the rear view and seeing their wipers on…ah the little things in life.
ok, we have a new print called “love song” pictured below, actually six are pictured below, that’s to illustrate that the run is silk screened on vintage music sheets, the print is consistent with the run,  but each pieces is unique because each sheet of music is different. we’ll have these up for sale soon…stay tuned group.