hey group! i’m doing a fill in today at the radio station, which means i’ll be on the air 3pm to 5pm east coast time, tune in and call in a request at 216-687-3515. 89.3 cleveland or on line anywhere in the world at wcsb.org
tomorrow i’ll be filling in the spot before my regular time slot so i’ll be playing 3.5 hours of rock. so i start tomorrow at 9am and i go to 12:30pm. mr. bill peters will be my guest at 11am, bill has had his “metal on metal” radio show on the air for 35 years over at wjcu 88.7. we’ll be talking about his annual food drive at the beachland which will feature a ton of bands including ‘night demon’ who will be recording the show for a cd. one of my favorite cleveland bands ‘breaker’ will be on the bill as well. the food drive gig, which also collects food for animal shelters, will be this saturday december 2nd at the beach land ballroom.