ok…how about those plasmatics? i reached into a stack of my old vinyl and out popped this baby, the plasmatics “metal priestess” which is a 6 song 12” records that was released in 1981on stiff records. in 1981 i only knew the name and heard they cut things up on stage with chainsaws, good enough reason for me to pick this up. now by their appearance, they were often confused with being punk rock, when in all truth they were 100% metal…. and not great metal at that. their main appeal was their singer, wendy o. williams, former pornstar turned lead singer with all her best assets hanging out. the cover to metal priestess summed it up, wendy with breast exposed except for pointed pasties while standing in front of a pentagram. yes, that sold me. unfortunately the music didn’t. the one highlight, and it is a cool song is “12 noon”. through out the song a phone rings, a woman answers and wendy proceeds to layout what is going to end at 12 noon, pretty much everything is covered, neutron bombs, murder and rape, insipid ideas, archaic schools, and so on. kind of like billy Joel’s “we didn’t start the fire”, but cooler. the last song on each side is a live cut but no credit is given to where they were recorded…..i suppose if you want a plasmatics record in your collection, this one, if only for 12 noon, would be the one to get. youtube is below..