first run drops my 8-tracks in less than 2 days / LT doesn’t bang

first run, who are an amazing seller of art on line have a body of my work that drop in two days..”drop” in the on line sales means go on sale. they also have an art gallery, inner state gallery, it’s where i did my last detroit show, that show info you can see HERE.

here is the link, save it for any one of them you like, i think it’s a good batch FIRST RUN HESS 8 – TRACKS

so i’m messaging back and forth with my pal who is so into the band above this fire, he’s so into the band he’s in it (wonderful band). we’re going on about fu manchu and how much he loves them, he says he loves them so much he pushes his way up front to “head bang”. i decline going, i love the fu, have many of their cd’s and seen them many times, but i have obligations and can’t break them. then he says “you don’t bang” as a feeble attempt to make me break my plans and go to the show. those are almost fighting words and he almost got me, but i have to remember, i was banging when he was in his diapers. i was at the slayer

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show when they were touring “haunting the chapel”, and several tours after that, exodus “bonded by blood” tour twice, saxon (see previous update and youtube), exciter many times, celtic frost, voivod three times, krokus the early years, metallica “kill em’ all” and “ride the lighting” and many other bands, my memory starts to fail these days. my buddy should look into the metal that created the “head bang”, mostly it came from the british new wave of metal not “quiet riot and american bands quickly got it, like anthraxs first record “fist full of metal”, a master piece. here’s a little head band story about accept, hope my buddy is listening…accept. accept was a true head bang pure metal band from germany, germans don’t fuck around. their release “restless and wild” is a classic and i still play it to this day…so here’s the brief story, accept is playing cleveland, 1984, (ticket above, i don’t know how it got by un-torn) the show is going to be recorded for the “king biscuit flower hour” which is a nationally syndicated radio show. me and my crew get there around noon with a case of beer, the doors don’t open till 6 i think and there were several beer runs before that…so we are a handful to say the least, doors open and it’s pandemonium, i fight my way to the front, elbows on the stage…there was no pushing your way up to the from like one does for the fu. you fought your way up and hold your ground. needless to say accept didn’t let anyone down….bang your head……this is accept “shake your head”, they didn’t want to be confused with quiet riot.

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phoenix, superhero, more hate, and saxon…what could be better than that?

hey phoenix! i will have a show in your city april 2015, and i will be there…stay tuned for more details.

there’s a ton of new pieces in the ORIGINALS gallery, the featured image above is a portion of one…there’s some also in the ORIGINAL AVAILABLE gallery too.

so here’s an email i just sent to the commander of the 3rd district, cimperman council man, his assistant (who get’s things done), campus district boss for CSU (gets things done too), and a Sargent of the 3rd.

we had another car break in last night, perhaps the most bold of the 2014 season. this one happened in front of the 22** superior ave. doors to the building, pretty impressive. the bad guy did get a handicap though, the car was right underneath a streetlight that doesn’t work. one light in an entire row of lights that stretches from e.30 to e.21st on the south side of superior ave.

in the past, we’ve generally had at least 6 weeks free of car break ins / crimes after a police crack down. they got right back to it this time, i don’t even know if the crack down is over yet or not.

i don’t know the car owner so i can’t say if it was reported, there is a pile of car window glass shattered all over the curb in front of the building doorway though, that speaks volumes.


i just found out from neighbor talk, one of my neighbors saw it happening, grabbed his gun and ran outside in his underwear, the bad guy ran off, my guy wasn’t going to shoot him unfortunately, he is now in my eyes a superhero.
so coming back from getting coffee with rommel we ran into another hate rap enthusiast. this guy was holding something that was blaring it out with broken speakers so it sounded even worse had it been coming out of a club sound system. the non-music was full of it, bitches and hoes, glock 9’s, AK’s, mutha fucker this and that, lot’s of the “N” word, etc, you get the idea. he was riding a bike (probably stolen) circling around in the street looking for someone to ride by real slow as to not miss a minute of his hate…..again i don’t get it, i don’t go around blaring SAXON.

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what’s in a name…

ok, i decided to change the name of my show in chicago from “i’m a mental patient, i’m supposed to act out” to “derek hess – greatest hits”. the greatest hits reflects more on what will be in the exhibit. i’m going to have a lot of music related pieces, works or vintage sheet music, 8 track tapes, 70’s magazine adds for records, and whatever else i get my hands on that’s cool. i will also have other things i like to do, the pen, ink, acrylic and playboy covers too, they just won’t be the main body of work. above is one of the 8 track pieces done on a kiss”destroyer” 8 track. click on it to see the full image. see all show listings HERE *hey phoenix, might be coming your way….stay tuned

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crappie, feeders, hate, and the rookie

i’m having fish issues…my crappie haven’t eaten in months and they’re very skittish which came out of the blue. they used to eat like mad and never darted around the tank and injure themselves. i loaded the tank with feeder fish to see if that helped, but it’s turned into me feeding the feeders, the big guys won’t touch them. last night rommel got up and started walking around like he wanted to pee on something, which he had done briefly when i got him from the shelter. that behavior has been corrected months ago…but his body language when he was sniffing around looked like he was gonna have a relapse. he finally came to a spot near the 150 gallon tank i have my crappie in, i looked to see whats up and one of my crappie was laying on the floor. it’s the same one that had jumped before when it was crashing into the glass. i picked it up and held onto it and placed him in the water. then i moved him back and forth to force water in it’s gills, like i did the first time. it came around but this morning i found it dead, must have been deprived of water oxygen too long this time. they may want to spawn i’m guessing, i’ve had them since they were fry and now they are big and the mating hormones have may begun, IDK. i’ve decided i’ll let them go as soon as the lake warms up some. now it would be too big of a shock to their system, the water is still in the 40’s.

ok…so this morning i’m walking back from playhouse square with rommel and my coffee. close to home this guy walks past us reciting hate rap. i don’t get that, maybe he’s trying to be intimidating or something. i don’t walk down the street reciting boysetsfire, whatever. this boysetsfire song “the rookie” i posted in this update is about a girl who was a partier, drank, smoked, went to shows, got with some guys, you know, living it up…until she got HIV. the song is from her point of view. from where she was and where she is…pretty powerful stuff.

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epic superhero

check out that letter i got today….i’m a superhero!

dialect – let’s talk abut the popular dialect in our culture…the first one is “epic”, epic is a term to describe things that are epic, not food. the only time i can remember using the word epic was to describe the band ‘rhapsody’. now rhapsody IS epic, there’s a youtube in the update if you want to check them out. another one is “really?” or “seriously?”…when used in the questioning tone it comes off demeaning and kind of snotty. i got a “seriously” about a year ago…this kid down the hall and down the stairs from me decided to have a party with a club sound system at 5:30 am, so loud it was thumping my place. it took some pounding on his door, i mean a lot of pounding to get one of the party folks attention and it was turned down. i just started up the stairs as to not talk to the kid because i was pretty hot and didn’t want to go off when he came out the door and said to me “seriously?”…i responded with one word, “seriously”. another term is “boom” sometimes accompanied with the fist bump. that’s really stupid. now there’s others that don’t come to mind but i’m sure you get what i’m talking about. all of the ones mentioned seem to be running their course and will soon be history, like “yeah, yeah, yeah,” said real fast in conversations because you agree with what the person is saying…..boom.

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got a clip from when me, nick, and rommel were on bill peters radio show “METAL ON METAL”, WJCU 88.7 fm….check it out, i talk a bunch of blah blah.

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so i’m driving from point A to point B listening to WNCX cleveland’s classic rock station because sometimes they play something good from my childhood/teenagerhood, like they played thin lizzy and the cars (moving in stereo) during my drive….but let me just tell you, george thorogood does not get better with age.

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so i take in some TV last night, like i do most nights (TV is your friend), what i end up watching is a few biographies on bands….i don’t know, maybe they were on A&E…anyway, the first was on the rolling stones, i never went crazy on them, but i do respect the stones and don’t mind most songs they’ve done. i was let down though, they spent a LOT of time in the early years, and that is important, but there is so much history in the middle years, which they just breezed over. i wanted to hear about the some girl’s record, the cover art controversy, the sold out stadium tour, mick licking keith’s face on SNL….nope, they just basically went from Altamonte to how they can still sell out stadiums.

ok, Aerosmith was next, i am a HUGE Aerosmith fan, up to “night in the ruts” record, 1980 i believe, well, there was some ok stuff on “rock and a hard place”. again A&E were almost more than thorough on the beginnings of the band. then they got into the record releases, i had no idea how bad their debut release did, even with “dream on” as a single and how the label spent 10x more money on bruce springstein’s debut, which came out just week’s apart. i found that really interesting, especially how as i kid i hated the boss, there’s one more reason. then they moved on to “get your wings“, an amazing record and how it went gold and all was good with the label. now, i wanted to know when “dream on” became the huge hit it was, they didn’t go into that at all, just that it didn’t do well…dream on was huge, you couldn’t get away from it on the radio. anyway into “toy’s in the attic”, big record, nice cover art, big songs like “sweet emotion”, “walk this way” and my favorite non-hit “round and round”, perhaps their heaviest song done to date. they then started into how the downward spiral started, as most folks know. then, they went to the “draw the line” record, completely jumping over the “rocks” record (again, nice artwork), which has my vote for best hard rock record EVER. nothing, no rocks, not even in passing mention. the draw the line record was admittedly weaker than the previous two release’s, the drugs where apparent, on vinyl and on stage, i witnessed  that more than 8 times, i think. but, the draw the line record has one of the best cover art to come out of the 70’s. al Hirschfeld, famous for characters for the new york times, was hired to do the drawing…and that was it, an amazing drawing of the band, black line on white, no text…amazing. then A&E covered other things, like when joe perry quit the band here in cleveland, after their set at the old cleveland stadium (that was a world series of rock, few people died), how the band soldered on with jimmy crespo, which i saw them twice with. i didn’t think they were all that bad, but i had been drinking too…ok, enter rehabs, run DMC, and their terrible stuff they churn out now…if the sell out rock keeps them sober, then god bless them…just a shame i like a band better when they’re fucked up, then when they’re straight.

next was guns n’ roses…channel was changed, can’t stand the GNR action.

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lets start with the good…bill peters turned me onto this band called “delirium tremens” when i was down at his show a few weeks back with nick (see april 10th and 11th updates). the cd is called “read my fist” and on the spine it says “fuck posers – fuck trends”. these guys are so metal i’m really happy i know about them now. according to their songs on this disc, they are living the true metal dream, and i do believe they are truly badass. the only bad thing i can come up with from this cd, and it’s painfully obvious, is the cover art….man it’s rough, you can tell some “dude man” drew it…hey ‘dt’s’, hit me up when it’s time for your next disc, i’d love to do the art…. i don’t know where they’re from, i suppose i could go to their web site or something…but, i have something to bitch about…

….and the bitch is this chandelier that has been put up across euclid ave in playhouse square here in cleveland…that’s as rough as the tremens cover art, but this rough is gaudy rough. all it needs is two giant porcelain leopards with gold leaf, then it would be the perfect tacky….oh, and a black velvet  billboard.

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i’m returning to chicago in january and also returning to rotofugi where i had my last show there.

“‘i’m a mental patient, i’m supposed to act out”

new works by derek hess

january 9th, 2015 rotofugi, chicago

2780 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 (773) 868-3308


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