briefly, many things

quickly up to date….the film continues to be shot…the cleveland crew was in the studio yesterday, back today and tonight, got footage of me drawing at the cleveland natural history museum earlier today, and christa came by and gave rommel his summer G.I.

cut…..more filming tomorrow, next week we should be filming fishing behind the rock hall. nick is filming folks in LA, mo from save ferris, one of my best pals ever, david yow from the jesus lizard, and miss metal kait who used to work for us before the grammies museum snatched her away….and this saturday is art fur animals in cleveland…see the may 27th update and i’ll see you there.

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group art show june 7th

ok…i’m part of a group show that’s at howl gallery in ft. myers which opens june 7th. i’ve shown at the gallery 3 times in the past and this is the third group show i’ve been a part of…it’s called “untitled“. i have two pieces that are pictured in this update, they’re several shots of each one. both are done on 8 track tapes, one is on the cars “panorama” and the other on nazareth “hair of the dog. i won’t be there but if you live in the F,L, and A, i highly suggest you making an appearance.

here’s the event’s facebook page..“UNTILED”

here’s the gallery’s statement “HOWL Gallery/Tattoo presents a new group show, Untitled. Exhibit will open June 7th at 8pm and run through the end of June. This invitational exhibit showcases an eclectic group of renowned artists from around the country and Southwest Florida. The show is curated by gallery co-owner Andy Howl.”

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“art fur animals” is exactly that. art done by cleveland artist will be auctioned off this saturday at 78th st studios, and all money raised goes to help the cleveland kennel. my piece is the one below…it’s meant to illustrate dog fiction vs dog fact. there will also be a limited number of silk screen prints of it available…not sure how many, just know it isn’t many. click the link for more info

elvis has left the building, read the previous two updates to see what that’s all about.

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squirrely hate rapper

well the squirrel is still squatting in my bedroom.

hate rap. i continue to not get it. is it meant to build self esteem? over compensate? or just display stupidity….reason why i bring it up yet again is because another hate rapper was projecting some fine rhymes as loud as he could during our walk this morning. the mutha fucker this, mutha fucker that, n-word this, n-word that, blow your head off with my 9, smack that hoe, etc….is he trying to scare people? i don’t know, he just instills animosity in me. ……you know, i don’t go around singing iron maiden, i must be secure in my manhood.

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…john, who’s working on the documentary is across he hall shooting in the studio. i’m in my living room watching seinfeld with rommel. i keep my apt and studio doors open because they face each other and the animals can go back and forth when i’m working…my cat the jo, who’s an idiot, and dog rommel, who’s a field marshall…so jo comes slinking around the corner of my couch.

all low and sketchy, i’m assuming it’s due to the presence of john. i get up to get something and out of the blue a squirrel comes darting across the kitchen floor, that’s what the jo was weird about and that’s what rommel is oblivious about….i want to keep it that way too. i’m on the second floor of an warehouse building, the huge ones with 16′ high ceilings, that squirrel scaled the sides of the building and plopped his ass in my place. for almost 6 years i’ve never had a squirrel guest, a few birds, but no squirrel. so i chase it as quietly as possible into my bedroom…if rommel got wise all hell would break loose. i got him in there and it’s pretty scared, i have the window open but it just doesn’t get it, out through the in door…well he’s there as i write this, i’ll leave it alone till morning, if it’s still visiting i’ll have to go to plan “b”, which i don’t have a plan b….i don’t kill animals so that’s not an option…i have other animal problems too, my turtle pool will not shake the algae bloom, no mater how much water is changed and how much medicine is used, the water becomes almost opaque green in three days…lets see, i have a blind bluegill that has started to freak out and bang into the glass out of no where, and i have a large crappie that hasn’t eaten in three months….and the jo is an idiot.

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just posted some new pieces that are available in the original available gallery the one below is one of them

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oh no, they say he’s got to go……

ok…me and my pal Sasha went to see the new GODZILLA in 3 D i’m an old school Godzilla man,  raymond burr, rodan, monster zero, smog monster, mothera, the 60’s and 70’s Godzilla movies …the stuff you’d see on hoolihan and big chuck, the good stuff, so i’m a traditionalist….not like the Godzilla flicks in the 1990’s and 2000’s. THIS Godzilla we went to see tonight is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, good. none of that shitty matthew broderick Godzilla stuff..that wasn’t Godzilla, that was a rapture….tonight’s was Godzilla and it was really. really, really. really, really. really, really. really, really. really, really. really, really. really, good……for real

PS- i did a recent piece of Godzilla..check it out HERE

PS- i love BOC

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alright, art news….we have this version of “hemorrhage” as a print. they’re AVAILABLE FOR ORDER NOW!! shipping wednesday may 21th. signed

and numbered edition of 500, Size 18.38 x 28″, $50.00 –

i did the original on a vintage page of sheet music, and named the piece after the title of the song “oh lord remember me” from 1912.

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so…a car just got broken into about an hour ago around 2:30 pm (east coast time), right out front of my building on a bright sunny day with weekday traffic going by which is a lot…..that’s totally un-defendable…he was in and out in two minutes, that’s how long she was gone from her car…unbelievable, well actually after 5+ years here it’s totally believable. i think shelter thugs should be tazed on sight, no questions asked, they are all guilty of something…they just need someone to get the ball rolling and make it a socially acceptable thing to do…you know, i can roll a ball pretty good.

i can’t wait to move…i will be in my new place in euclid ohio by august 1st

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8 tracks “8 tracktion” drop at noon

the batch of eight track tapes of mine go on sale at 12 noon east coast time. it’s a good batch, the feature image is one of them, click on it to check it out, and click HERE to see them all.

so i’ve had some drawing block going on, mostly on the playboy and eight track tapes. i’ve been doing fine on the music sheet pieces like this one HERE, and the pen, ink, acrylic ones like this one HERE, doing ok on the music magazine ads too, like this one HERE which features godzilla because it’s one of blue oyster cult bigger hits. the only problem with the rock magazine ads is the color i’m working on…for the most part. i’m writing this because i did a pretty decent playboy last night…check it out HERE, now hopefully i can build some momentum on the playboy’s. i’ve been doing good 8 tracks too like this one HERE, but they’re sporadic. i guess quality is better than quality when it comes to art.

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