lake effect snow (that’s a link, that’s what we get)

get in the car boy, put your seat belt on, i never ride with anyone without their seat belt, one of my rules.

dearly beloved (that’s a link)


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at 12 noon east coast time today, my friends at 1xRun will have available 14 of mostly sketch type images of mine on their site. these are exclusively for sale through first run and are first come first sold. all pieces are done with the colors black, white, and red or any combination of those. the link for the batch is right HERE…one piece is below to give you an idea of what the body of work is about.


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black, white, and red all over

my next book called “black, white, and red all over” which consists of pieces i did with black, white, and red paint in 2004 – 2005 should be ready before the holidays. today i’ve been going through the pages for the final proof before they go to get printed. below are some of the pages…stay tuned.

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i have a new group of originals going on sale through my pals at 1xRun. this batch is called “dearly beloved” and consists of mostly loose figure drawings worked with three colors, black, white, and red…i know black and white aren’t technically colors, but you get the idea. they’ll be available this week, wednesday the 12th. there are only 14 dearly beloved pieces so be sure the check them out HERE and mark you calendars. below is one of the pieces.


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do you remember where….

do you remember where you were when you heard saxon for the first time? for me i was fishing way up the vermilion river with pals of mine sometime in 1980. i was a sophomore in high school, in the middle of the night catching catfish, a buzz (which i no longer do), discharging firearms at yetis in the woods and listening to the midnight metal show on WMMS. i was mia from home that night which was a behavior of mine i had from time to time. mom didn’t appreciate that much and eventually had me arrested and taken to the detention home, which is for another story…so, anyway, in the middle of this recreationally delinquent behavior, we heard a motorcycle ride through the radio, which made us stop and pay attention. it happened again, but this time as the bike drove off, guitars chimed in and proceeded to play metal we had never heard before, and it was good. we rocked as the radio rocked, waiting for the end song to find out who these metal geniuses where…they were saxon, and the song was “motorcycle man”. i was hooked like a catfish we were reeling in. next day, after getting yelled at by mom i found my way to the closest record store and left with saxon’s “wheels of steel” record in my hands. metal never sounded so good…this is what i do, sit around and think of early saxon.

ps…had a small group of pals over last night and dined on salmon, asparagus, and potato perigees…see previous update.

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who stole the kishka?

i completely forgot to share my ghoulardifest (see the november 3rd update) purchase with you…they’re pierogi pins! cleveland is ground zero for pierogies and some smarty pants at the fest created and was selling these pins pictured below. clevelanders are raised on pierogies along with other wonderful european delights such as schnitzel, chicken paprikash, goulash, sauerkraut, bratwurst, and the list goes on…but on the forefront of it all is the mighty pierogi. if your local culture is a pierogi culture you know what i mean. if not, get on a plane to cleveland and try it all out…, the eatin’s fine.


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yes that’s right…smith wins over what’s his name for state representative by 71% to 18%…landslide! how’s that slander /mud thing working out for you now buddy? anyway, i went to kent’s victory party last night and from the get go out of the polls closing it was obvious kent crushed. congratulations kent!

pictured left to right, danielle, kent, melissa, and me.


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it’s election day..go rock your vote

how about those russian tanks….they have had some good ones….the WWII T-34 was arguably the best tank of the war, i’d argue for the german panther (solido 1st series panther pictured above, i collect solido diecast tanks from the 1960’s) as number one but the T-34 was pretty important.  it surprised the hell out of the germans in the battle of kursk and was one reason russia won that one…breaking the german code helped a lot too..anyway, how about those russian tanks. i love the JS-II and III, bad ass. ever notice how the ruskies always supply the bad guys with tanks? birds of a feather…and we always supply the good guys with tanks. take these two solido tanks pictured below (1st series as well). one is a russian SU-100 with egyptian markings, the other is an american patton with Israeli markings. these two tanks collided in the 6 day war, our tanks were better. russia also supplied sodom’s Iraqi army with T-72’s (bottom picture, the brass one actually came from the soviet union, behind it is a JS-II which is a spotter model), which we destroyed with our abrams, good destroys evil. north korea and syria (what’s left of it) also have russian tanks, again bad guys….this is what i do, sit around and think about tanks.



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vote and ghoulardi

i voted early today…the election day is tomorrow, so if you didn’t vote early, make sure you make it to the polls. voting is important blog readers…all elections matter and if you’ve been following this blog you know i voted for kent smith super star for state representative of ohio…if you live in his district (euclid, beachwood and others i’m not sure of) vote smith!…it’s good vs evil folks, as my blog has been covering. pictured above is the voting process 😉

me and my pal super sasha went to the ghoulardifest (that is a link) yesterday and it was amazing, at least it was for me anyway, sasha glazed over a bit after a while. late night monster show hosts are one of the things i grew up on,”pop” not soda is another, it’s our heritage. anyway, we were blessed to have a bunch of them, hosts, not pop…ghoulardi is who started it all, he used to drive his motorcycle in the halls on TV 8, he knew he wouldn’t get fired because his ratings were so high. he would also blow things up with firecrackers and m-80’s during his show, again ratings were too high…, back to the list, we also had hoolihan and big chuck, when hoolihan moved to florida to do the weather on one of their stations it became big chuck and lil’ john. then there was the ghoul, and finally but not least, super host, who was on saturday afternoon’s. the fest was all about that stuff, hoolihan, big chuck and lil’ john were there and pictures are in the photo album below. lots of fun, not gonna go into it all, it truly is a cleveland thing, no one can touch it….afterwards we went to ‘georges kitchen‘ (that’s a link too), recommended eating when in cleveland….along with the pictures below are two hoolihan and big chuck skits. all the hosts did skits during their shows.

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just thinking about stuff while watching CNN…you know the stuff, what is going on right now that effects you, me, and everyone on the planet. it can become overwhelming…, isis, al qaeda, ebola, climate change, home grown terrorists, school shootings, russia, the kardashians, ted cruz…pretty bad right?. well, i choose to look it like this, it’s pretty exciting. current events are much more entertaining than reality TV (that isn’t real)..and with TV you can monitor everything that’s going on almost in real time (the internet helps that along as well). it’s real reality TV. remember bush’s war on iraq and how we watched it live on TV? that was pretty bad ass, even though it was waged by an ass over a lie. things have been challenging for mankind since day one…the black death, the crusades, polio, 1918 pandemic , WWI, WWII, 911, hippies, etc. we made it through ok, and we’ll continue to make it through, in reality it’s all just speed bumps, some are just bumpier than others.

ps-TV is your friend.

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