here’s a nice example of kane’s work that has pen and ink original on the left and final comic cover to the right. many of the same things are going on with this one as i have mentioned in previous gil kane posts…the brilliant hands, figure pushing out of the cover this time without a window frame, and a dynamic composition…but this one goes above and beyond the previous ones. here kane is flexing his knowledge of the human anatomy and is pushing it just about as far has he can get away with, totally anatomically convincing. one word sums it up, spectacular. this is one of my all time favorite daredevil covers gil kane did…and he did a bunch. it was hard to narrow it down to just one daredevil, that’s why i may talk about more in the future ūüėČ

daredevil 80 cover gil kane original comic art 1971 bronze age marvel comics

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ok…pictured is me adding the red to a piece i worked on last night. it’s part of a short series…so far…it’s call “it would be nice not to have me in my life III”, (see the finished work HERE). on these i add DNA, which is my blood. in the picture is where i cut when i do this, the blood sets up nice on my left hand like a palate, so i paint from that. you’ll notice other scars there from other pieces i had worked on…now i am not a cutter, it hurts, i don’t know how chicks do it, i’d stick with an eating disorder if it was me….not to make light of those issues, if someone reading this is a cutter¬†i suggest therapy. i see a therapist for my issues and it does help so i’m not being glib.

‚ÄĘthe blood changes to a brown over time which is pretty cool, i think it’s better looking once browned up


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and here is another outstanding example of gil kane art (see december 4th and 5th updates). this could be my favorite cover he’s ever done, like the last too are. see how the arms of the beast and iron man match up / link with each other? genius, keeps pulling your eye though the figures with a pulling feel and keeps your eye on the page. i love the way he handles the shoulder muscles, go back and check the other two and see how he did them too very nice. and the hands, always kane’s hands, the beast’s right hand flows and lays so nicely on the rock, each finger resting separately yet working as a whole hand…… and back to the figures, foreground with iron man’s head, middle ground with iron man’s right leg, and back ground is the beast. all three elements done with two figures…love it.


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i’ve been forgetting to mention the new strhess gear here in my blog….so here, i’m mentioning it…i’m pretty proud of this line, i actually think some of the images are outstanding and work really well on clothing. go on take a look, strhess has also always proven to make a good christmas gift too…..just sayin ¬†ūüėČ


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ok, today is the day…it’s my open studio today is the day, it’s a studio garage sale…we have tables, chairs, tires, drafting boards, and tons of posters, prints, and original pieces of art. we start at 12 noon and roll to 6pm. we are located at 2220 superior ave. cleveland, 2nd floor. there will be other open studio’s in the building and several in builds near by, it’s an art walk thing and we’re just crashing their party ūüėČ so come on by and be a party crasher too.

ps – we have a freight elevator


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this one might be my favorite gil kane cover of all time…this book is also worth a lot of money if it’s in high grade. anyway….i love the slant of the floor, reminds me of the old batman TV series. the figure (the beast) breaking out of the boarder is real nice, like i talked about in the previous update. the way kane¬†drew the hands on this one is spot on, like most of the hands he’s drawn. the padding on the bottom of the fingers on the right hand really makes them work and stretch towards the viewer. the foreshortening with both arms is a nice example of forced perspective. the toes are real too, the way he handled¬†them¬†without¬†much line work is just enough to be correct.¬†the same with the¬†knuckles and fingers on the left¬†hand. in the background, the guy in the lab coat leaning back helps to exaggerate the slant of the floor and pushes¬†the beast forward ….good stuff


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hey….did i ever tell you how great gil kane was? no? well he was, and he is one of my greatest influences. his best work was for DC comics in the late 60’s and then his marvel work in the late 60’s through the mid 70’s. below is one of my favorite covers he did for captain america. check out how well he handled the hands, and the composition of how the figures flow together, beautiful. you can’t teach that stuff, it just came naturally to him.

marvel was doing those window box covers in the early 70’s like this one. what i really liked about those is the fugures broke outside of the border making them seem bigger…i use that trick a lot with my work when i can, something i learned from marvel.

i have a ton of gil kane comic books and still fall back to them if i have a drawing problem. whatever it may be, kane had the answer.


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Charles Barkley is spot on.

garage sale saturday….see previous update

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we’re gonna have a studio garage sale this saturday, 12 to 6 pm. all the buildings that are art oriented next to us will be having an event where people can go through everyones studio…so we decided to jump on that wagon…ours is a little different, we’re moving the studio to make it a studio / gallery and don’t want to move a lot of stuff. so along with art / framed art / and stuff will be drawing tables, chairs, and garage sale things…get it? the building has a freight elevator so if you buy a table it’s easy to get it out….we’re at 2220 superior ave, cleveland ohio…second floor..come on in and make yourself at home…saturday.

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so…i ordered an angel shirt (angel the band) from their lead singers web site ( ¬†the other day…now angel is a band i love, they were the third concert i went to, probably in the 8th or 9th grade at the cleveland public hall, and it obviously made an impression. you maybe thinking to yourself “if derek likes the jesus lizard and converge i must like angel”, well that might not be true. angel was a 1970’s hard rock band that had a tint of glam to their stage show, they all wore white and had elaborate live productions, god spoke at some. their later material became poppy and it’s not my favorite of their repertoire. angels’ best work, and still is in heavy rotation around here, is their third effort, “on earth as it is in heaven”¬†(that’s a link), truly amazing….anyway back to the shirt. with the shirt they threw in a pen with the angel logo on it, a heavenly pen. below are the first two drawings i did, and did them after turkey yesterday, with my new angel pen.



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