can someone please take me to see these guys..and girl. i love this band and i missed them when they came through cleveland a few years back.

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goodbye old studio and good riddance, hello new studio and more so gallery, been a long time coming. the old between e 22nd and e. 23rd on superior, just got old, the car break ins got old, the guys pissing on the front door got old, the guys literally walking down the street pissing got old, the aggressive spare changing got old, all the open containers and beer can’s on the lawn got old, all the walking trash at club 21 men shelter got old, the woman’s shelter and it’s clients got old, the confrontations got old, the guy upstairs hogging the freight elevator got old, the people parking in front of the loading dock got old, the loud neighbors got old (um…and how old are you? grow up), and the new owners are old already. they’ve been in charage just few months and that place is TRASHED, inside and out. bruce, our former landlord would have never let the place go to hell like it has. there wasn’t much he could have done outside, but inside he was a pro and people had respect. the common area john wouldn’t be a wreck, the lawn would be cut once a week, the stairwells would be mopped, and the tenants wouldn’t be running around like it’s some kind of night club…good thing for all people involved i’m no longer there, i would have blown a gasket and the person on the blown gasket receiving end wouldn’t be doing too hot. if i couldn’t handle it my buddy’s in the 3rd would. that’s one thing i’m gonna miss, my third district police pals….that’s about it.

good things about the new place is a post soon.

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yesterday was the big tank cleaning day…the big tank is 150 gallons and i tend to keep native north american fish. right now i have a 6” pumpkinseed which i raised from fry (pumpkinseeds are part of the sunfish family, like bluegills and largemouth bass. yes large and small mouth bass are sunfish, the only true fresh water bass is the white bass), three goldfish rescue feeders (saved from the feeder tank at the pet store where they are sold for ten cents to be feed to peoples bigger fish), and a jadgpanther (jadgpanthers were german WWII self propelled gun, like a tank with out a turret). the jadgpanther is a diecast solido toy from the 1960’s (solido was / is known for their diecast miniatures, mostly cars). i like putting worn down by lake erie red bricks in there too, years of them banging into rocks from high waves wears down the edges. the jadgpanther is sitting on one in the picture.. 150 gallon tanks can be a bitch to maintain if you don’t do a filter and a quarter water change at lease once a month, this was week 6 for me, i rarely go past 4 and now i remember why.




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look at these guys partying like vikings, guy on the right look familiar? must be 1982 because i’m wearing my kiss “creatures of the night” baseball jersey that i got at a toledo show. i missed that tour here in cleveland due to being in the erie county detention home…i’m sure i was framed.

back to the show, it was a bad ass show supporting a bad ass record, eric carr’s drum set was sitting on top of a tank turret. the show was general admission which was fine by us. by 17 we were well versed in concert politics and how to get up front when aloud too by festival seating.

back to the picture, we were drinking at a friends house with their mom home, note mom head in bottom right corner along with a bong behind me. needless to say i was quite the delinquent. i  graduated to 18 as quite the pain in the ass to society. by 18, the courts had had enough of me. i was given the choice of the county jail, or a rehab. of course i chose the ski lodge rehab. did no good, second day out, tim, middle guy in the picture, showed up at my house with a 12 pack of beer and two quaaludes, you know, as the godz put it, “feel fine on the seven one fours, they got me trippin out the door”. ludes were made by lemmon and rorer and were a big pill to swallow. they had the number 714 stamped on them and were a sedative–hypnotic drug, and taken with alcohol ideal, at least for us. we loved kiss, the godz, and quaaludes. well, there was much more love to go around, we’ll just leave it at that, more anti-social behavior for another update.

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reminder…today at 12 noon eastern time, my latest print goes on sale through 1xRUN…comes with a certificate of authenticity and all the info is in the previous update

i find it infuriating when something on your computer doesn’t work the way you’d expect it too…and you know it’s either you’re fault, and an easy fix, and that it will become a friends problem because they will have to come over to your place and fix it….which will be for them a few clicks and a boom….fixed…..yeah i’m having photoshop issues, i can’t drag anything into it, the vertical bar on the left hand of the screen comes in, but the horizontal bar at the top is half toned and i can’t operate anything on it. which means i can’t put any new work up or any new pictures in my blog if it’s come through my camera for some reason, maybe i’m having phone camera issues too….maybe i should just go walk rommel

…thanks for reading my blog….i am a blogger man.

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i went to detroit yesterday to do a few things at 1xrun / inner state gallery. first off, we’re premiering a new print titled “one fish, two fish, b-24 fish, raw sienna fish” that will drop friday at 12 noon eastern time on the 1xrun web site – 1xRUN – the print is pictured below (along with me signing them), it’s one of my dr. seuss / b-24 liberator pieces. the print run is only 50, so if there’s interest take a look june 5th at noon. along with the print, 9 new originals will become available. the are all various fish / WWII war planes that i love to do, several are dr. seuss inspired. see all the pieces and the print  HERE

the other thing i did was drop off a piece for a HUGE group show they’re having that opens this saturday at inner state gallery. the show is called “LAX/DTW – thinkspace invades detroit” and the info is HERE.1xRUN_Derek-Hess_Fish-Fry-Friday_One-Fish-Two-Fish-Red-Fish-Blue-Fish_18x14_F

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another re-mastered piece

back to the remasters i was talking about in the may 31st update….my stone cold crazy favorite queen record is “sheer heart attack” which was released in novemeber 1974. of all the queen remasters i’ve gotten, total of 5, this one has the best bonus disc of the bunch. first off, like i mentioned in the may 31st update, the remastering is amazing, “brighton rock” never sounded so good, my personal favorite queen song. second is the package design, great old live shot of them playing on a little stage, might be opening for someone. then third, the bonus disc…it has 5 tracks, among them are a few bbc sessions from 1974, and an amazing live version of “now i’m here” recorded at the hammersmith odeon in december 1975.

this youtube is from 1975, but i don’t know where it was filmed..badass none the less

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we’re moving the studio, not everything is going to fit so…..when we forget to pay our bill someone is gonna win a storage unit full of my art


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two new pieces up in the originals archive gallery.

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over about a year or so now i’ve been slowly upgrading my older cd’s to remastered versions…yes i buy cd’s. i’ve been finding a huge difference between the older disc’s i bought in the 90’s and the newer release’s…for instance take rush “a clockwork angels” (brilliant work) a new release, i’ll play that on my iTunes and when it’s over the tunes would roll right into rush “hemispheres” (brilliant too) which came out in 1978. i bought hemisphere’s cd in the 90’s and the difference between that and a clockwork angels is staggering..not some subtle thing vinyl lovers say stands out, this is an obvious quality difference. so….when i come across a hemispheres type cd in my collection i buy a new one on eBay. you can get them new, sealed and cheep for like $7. now why cd’s over downloads….integrity, supports the industry, and more importantly for the cd art and package design.

the most recent cd’s i’ve been upgrading are my queen release’s. these are amazing, like queen was up to “the game “ record and the mustache made it’s appearance. take the remaster of “queen II”, the booklet is nicely laid out with live pictures from when the record was originally released, early stuff. also, many remastered cd’s come with a bonus disc, all the queen ones do. on the extra one that comes with “queen II” has 5 unreleased tracks (except for one that was a b side) including an impressive live version of “white queen” from the hammersmith odeon, in 1975.
so that how i feel about that, and this is white queen live.

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