1. boy was i shitty on bills radio show last friday, i hope no one listened. 2. i get my spinal tap tomorrow…this one goes to eleven. 3. TOUCHDOWNBROWNS!

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tonight! rommel and i will be on bill peters radio show called ”metal on metal” on WJCU 88.7, i’ve been on his show many times and we always have fun. tonight besides fun we’ll be talking about the godzilla art show at DHG next friday, which will be fun as well, over 20 artists doing godzilla based art. bill likes to play rommel’s intro song when he makes an appearance on metal on metal, and bill always lets me play some angel, and tonight i got something very rare. BTW, metal on metal has been on the air for over 30 years now. if you’re in the cleveland area you can listen to us on the radio, outside of range you can listen on line no problem…just go here WJCU and tune in. 8:30-ish. east coast time


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it’s here at last, what a long 365 days it took, national pierogi day!

this is from cleveland.com

National Pierogi Day
Pierogi. In Cleveland, it’s not just a deliciously pillowed pocket or moon-shaped dumpling. It’s a way of life. National Pierogi Day, celebrated each year on Oct. 8, should be national holiday in these parts — an excuse to take off work and go in search of irresistible potato- or cheese-filled deliciousness. But where to go? Cleveland foodie and freelance writer Peter Chakerian has got you covered. Here are 9 of Cleveland’s best pierogi purveyors.


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ok, i have a new print that’s gonna drop live for purchase tomorrow on 1xRun. there will be a ton of my othere prints available with it.

below is the print and click HERE to see them all…. and here’s 1xRun’s site


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me and  friend ended up last night at now that’s class and caught a band called “punching moses”, they were wonderful, only knock i have on them is they’re from pittsburgh.
did my first of two drawing classes here in canton today, i feel it went well, my all pro model jenise was a great help. pictured is rommel on our hotel bed, we always rock the red roofs.


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ok this weekend in canton i’ll be instructing a drawing class…saturday 3 –  5pm, and sunday 12 – 3pm. students must be 18 and over and have had at least some life drawing experience. it will be located at On Pointe Arts studio located in the New Berlin Plaza, 1664 Main St. Unit 4, North Canton, OH 44720. reservations can be made by calling 330-705-2347 or visiting www.onpointearts.com.

the september 27th update turned out to be a pipe bomb in a guys car parked under rout 90 at the martin luther king blvd exit. so the bomb squad had to defuse it before they let traffic roll on top of there.

the godzilla show at the DHG is fast approaching, here’s a godzilla video of his roars from 1954 to 2014.

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my health…well, over all i’m fine, exterior and interior…just my memory has become big enough issue that doctors are involved. …you know how you’ll forget a name or face once in a while, well for me it’s practically every day. i worked with these two guys for a few hours and now there is no way i could pick them out of a line up. things like that all the time….i got the cat scan and that showed everything is fine. now i get the spinal tap in about a week…..remember in the exorcist the girl got a spinal tap? well the promised me it’s nothing like that anymore.

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me and rommel got stuck in a hell of a traffic jam yesterday. apparently about two miles ahead of us was a bomb threat so no one was moving an inch for two hours. we were at the eddy road exit on rout 90, the bomb was at the martin luther king blvd exit, one up. everyone got out of there cars and started to talk with each other, walked there dogs around the six lanes of dead in the water cars and trucks. little kids peeing on the lane divider. it became a big parking lot block party. pictured below is rommel enjoying the mass of cars.


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Helpless people on a subway train
Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them

He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town

Oh no, they say he’s got to go go go Godzilla
Oh no, there goes Tokyo go go Godzilla

History shows again and again
How nature points up the folly of men

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a car without a transmission is like a car you can’t drive…just like one, i’ve noticed since i’m on day two, going on day three with no transmission. my car is a 2004 with over 160,000, (probably a lot more i can’t see the odometer because it’s at the shop), so these things are to be expected. like the blower for my AC and heat went kaput. my guy had a chance to fix that at least while waiting for the parts to show up. who knew it would take three days to get parts for a transmission. i miss my 1975 LTD, i drove that baby into the ground in the 1990’s. the real problem with that was it was getting harder and harder to get parts for it…at least i know mine are three days away…..actually one now, fingers crossed

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