strhessed book

just a reminder…my new book, “black, white, and red all over” is available for pre-sale at our publishing site STRESS PRESS. above are two pages (click on them…twice to get them bigger) and below is the hard bound cover.


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down to the last few hours of the “fish from above” print and originals run……1xrun will be closing the run in 3 hours or so, if you want one of the prints (only 4 left) or an original native american fish / WWII piece click HERE to see what it’s all about


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little more

just three more pictures from chicago…thanks again to the folks who came out, you’re the greatest…pretty nice tattoo as well




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last night…

hey! i want to thank everyone who braved the cold and came out to the opening last night in chicago, it is appreciated, and these things don’t work without you. up top is a shot of one of the rooms and below are my pals and their dogs. top one is artist jay ryan and his dog nora. jay and i toured art shows in switzerland and germany a few years back, and he’ll be part of a four person show i’m setting up in cleveland this september. under that pictures is my buddy kirbi who is the owner of the venue, rotofugi…and just by coincidence his dog is named “fugi”…what are the odds?



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i’m here in chicago, and i played with the radio all the way here. i like to hear how different classic rock, and rock stations vary their formats from one another……but what i found this is hard to do. radio is ruled by country, rock is dead….i swear there’s country stations on top of country stations…you know when one fades out another fades in on the same call numbers. old man hess remembers when rock was king, country stations were in the south, that’s it, that’s still where they belong….anyway, in the late 70’s through mid 80’s i was hitting an arena rock show at least once a week….black sabbath, queen, ozzy, aerosmith when they were good, ufo, cheap trick, blue oyster cult, thin lizzy, judas priest…all in 20,000 seat venues. where did we go so wrong. i defy you to find one or two rock bands that can still fill an arena, let alone a stadium…all country. ebola, isis, russia, north korea, and now country, the enemy of america

hey, that picture is of me and rommel outside of rotofugi where the show is tomorrow night.

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give a punk a gun and he does punk ass shit…ain’t that right you french terrorist trash

here’s something for you in did in 2007


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just left my pals at 1xrun, i was there signing up the prints i did with them of a dr. seuss b-24 liberator. there are a few left, check them out HERE

shout out to the terrorist who hit that paper in france today….your god is not great.

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ok, i’m off to detroit tomorrow, going to 1xRun to sign up the dr. seuss bomber prints i did with them (see the december 30th post) . there’s still a handful of prints left and a few of the original pieces like the one below….check out all that stuff HERE. …..after detroit i’m off to chicago, i’ll get into town on thursday and the opening is friday (see previous post)…rommel will be in attendance as well….cleveland, detroit, and chicago, three of my favorite places.


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here’s a detail of one of the native north american fish morphed with wwII aircraft pieces i talked about in the previous update. this is of a white bass mixed with a stuka ju 87 which in this case was flown by Hans Ulrich Ruder, so the title is “Hans Ulrich Ruder bass”. hans was famous for his tank kills on the russian front, this plane is equipped with tank buster cannons which you can see by the wheels…..check out the entire run of this batch including the print that is available on 1xRun…click HERE



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