there’s just a handful of print sets left and three originals available on 1xRUN..take a look HERE the originals have never been offered for sale before and probably won’t be after this on line offer has expired…you have 13 days to go till selling ends.

PS – rhapsody is playing tonight!


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check it out here on 1xRUN –



TLA pack

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ok LA folks, my show is fast’s the info…it’s called “i told you not to call the police”, may 7th
CoproGallery –
Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave. T5
Santa Monica, CA

the gallery’s web site is HERE

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todays review is of a maxi-single of the ministry classic “stigmata”. this song was my first experience of ministry which became a top college radio hit in 1988. it originally appeared on the ministry record “the land of rape and honey” which i ran out and bought after hearing stigmata. stigmata was pretty fresh at the time, a mix of industrial music meets metal..ministry became very metal with their later stuff. one of the best concerts i ever went to was ministry when they were touring their following release “a mind is a terrible thing to taste”. stigmata still holds up today and is a prime example of industrial music that crossed over and found new fans of the style. it’s very repetitive with disturbingly cool vocals, but doesn’t get boring, not like the flip side “tonight we murder”. “tonight we murder” initially sounds like skinny puppy meets the revolting cocks, which makes sense, many of the industrial bands were interchangeable. but the song turns to boring and the vocals that are so enticing on “stigmata” become annoying and forgettable on “tonight we murder”.
the cover art is by frank nardiello who also was an industrial music person, most notably he was in “my life with the thrill kill cult”. frank also did side projects like most industrial musicians of the time, like ministry’s al jourgensen. the art work is jammed up pretty well to reflect the music, which cover art is supposed to do. it’s this crazy face that has the feel of picasso meets traditional african art.

below is the cover and the stigmata video


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die kreuzen

i pulled this one out of my vinyl today mostly because of the cover art, which was one of the reasons i bought it, that and it’s on touch and go records. i knew nothing about the band, i come to find out i like them. they’re a fast pace mostly punk band, who reminds me of voivod meets the accused meets gbh. they’re from miwaukee and were formed in 1981. the release i have is self titled and came out in 1984. the name, which was taken from a german bible, is grammatically incorrect german for “the crosses”. they originally were a straight up punk band i’ve found from wikipedia and moved into something more with the metal undertones, that’s where i hear the voivod in them. further in their career they incorporated piano and horns which must be interesting, although i haven’t heard that stuff. i only know what i got, and it stands out from the punk of the day.
the cover art was done by richard kohl which i know nothing about and can’t find anything about on the internet. i love this cover…giant animal skeletons on tank treads moving through an industrial wasteland. it reminds me of the robots of the future from one of the terminator flicks that was plowing over all the human skulls….pictured below is the cover and a tune in a youtube, give it a listen.


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record review time! today i pulled out the very first record i ever bought, kiss “destroyer” and pictured is the actual copy i got back in 1976, you can tell the love it got by the wear on the cover. although this was a purchase by me when i was a kid, it still holds it own for one of the all time classic heavy metal records today, and the best release by kiss as far as i’m concerned, followed closely by kiss “alive”. it was the cover that sold me, i mean come on, how cool is that? kiss rising out of a waste land in there bad ass costumes, especially gene simmons with his scaled dragon feet, devil wings and spiked armor. that was back when gene wasn’t a dick.

opening song “detroit rock city” is just an amazing song, an all time favorite derek song from any band. it’s a song about detroit, it has to be cool. then the next song which flows nicely out of a car crash is “king of the night time world” and is another classic. i’m throwing around the word “classic” a lot, that’s because it’s the proper word to describe these things, i can’t think of another adjective that would fit any better. “shout it out loud” is another kiss “classic”, see, i said it again, it’s one of kiss’s best all time rock anthems. perhaps their biggest single “beth” is on this release too, it’s the only blemish that can be found on destroyer, at least that’s the way i see it.

destroyer was the first record kiss used some orchestration. there is a stringed section in some of it and they recieved some back lash from the earlier kiss faithful and rolling stone magazine, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a platinum record….this is from wikipedia..“The song “Great Expectations” uses the first phrase of the main theme from the second movement of Beethoven’s Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, opus 13 “Pathétique”,…i couldn’t have said it better myself.

there is a lot to this record i don’t have the patience to write, so i encourage you to read up on it from the destroyer wikipedia page HERE.

the cover as i mentioned before is amazing, it was painted by fantasy artist KEN KELLY who also did the cover to kiss “love gun”, another classic cover. he also did several paintings for the band manowar. ken is the nephew of FRANK FRAZETTA‘s wife eleanor frazetta and you can see the influence frank had on kelly’s art. several frazetta’s paintings also found their way onto record covers, like a few for molly hatchet , a yngwie malmsteenand release, and on “expect no mercy” from nazareth.




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here’s something rare by us…this is printed on a brushed aluminum plate, the corners have bolts through them to keep the print off the wall slightly. if interested email marty at “


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we just got a clutch poster back in the mail from someone who didn’t pay for it or something, i don’t know, marty got it..anyway, it is available now..we’ve been sold out of these for quite a while…it’s pictured below. if interested email marty at “”

i totally forgot what day it is…it’s “pull out in front of derek day”, i’m glad many people pulled out in front of me today to remind guys are swell.


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check it’s underway, “they” are tearing down the houses across the street from the gallery..the plan is to put condos up and down west 78th on the east side of the street..progress…and money folks are gonna be dishing it out because it will be a “hip” place to live…maybe they visit the gallery 🙂

THIN LIZZY has nothing to do with it, i just posted the live from 78 video under the carnage because it’s absolutely cool, no one can touch them.


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project semicolon

a semicolon represents a sentence the author could’ve ended, but chose not to. the author is you and the sentence is your life.

i got mine yesterday

i also did my very first tattoo..i put a semicolon on rodney, the guy who tattooed me and the owner of 252 tattoo.



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