the new, new years eve clutch poster is on sale today..check them out here – pre-order item. Expected to ship on or around January 3, 2017


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well, the detroit show at inner state gallery will be april 28th and it is called “EDP” which is a police term for emotionally disturbed person….which i know nothing about 😉  –  much of the show will consist of my new cardboard layered three D pieces like this woody wood pecker one. this one is 4 layers deep. i really like how i get nice cast shadows on these…i should have 25 + of them in the show along with other things i do like 8 tracks and pen and ink drawings.

remember tomorrow is wednesday so it’s my radio show day. i’ll be on 9am to 12:30pm east coast time. you can listen on line if you like WCSB 89.3


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well, we got snow…i’m in an eastern suburb of cleveland and we got 15″. the west side got nothing.


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ok, we did an offset print of the ‘in flames’ cd cover art, you can pre-order it right now at this LINK, image is below.

next wednesday, matt fish the owner of the MELT bar and grilled diner chain will be my radio guest. my show is called “overrated” and can be heard on WCSB 89.3 wednesdays 11am to 12:30pm east coast time, there is a live stream as well. there is an on line archive of the last show i did that will stay up for one week. the one archived now is about paul mccartney and how he’s been dead since 1966.


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here’s another post that is over due….i just have a few things….there are new pieces available right now in the originals available gallery….my radio show is going good…this wednesday i’ll be playing rock from 9am to 11am east coast time, then 11am to 12:30pm i’ll have my guest robert McBride who is a therapist /  counselor who deals with dual diagnosis patients at laurlwood behavioral center. the radio station is WCSB 89.3 and you can live stream it if you’re not in cleveland. i also have new t-shirts i did for WCSB which you can get off their web site….this next third friday i’ll be showing my lithographs i did while studying at CCS in detroit and CIA here in cleveland at my gallery located at 1300 west 78th street, cleveland…i’m doing collaborative work with artist scott pickering and we’ll be doing a show of them at my gallery in january…i’m going to have a show in detroit at the inner state gallery in march….i love the new song by ghost “square hammer”…check it out.

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we have a new print available. “as i remember you” – silkscreen on vintage sheet music. each print is done on a different piece of vintage sheet music, the print is the same, but no one page of music is. – link HERE


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i’m sorry…if you’re one of the few who read this, i’ve toatally been slacking with writing. ok, tomorrow on my radio show i’ll have artist john G in. this friday at the gallery we’ll have shelter dogs in.

the radio show is tomorrow morning, 11am – 12:30pm east coast time on WCSB 89.3, or on line at

the gallery is at 1300 west 78th street, cleveland and we’ll be there this friday 5pm – 9pm.

lots of things cookin’, looks like i’ll be doing some movie screenings in london, hamburg, and berlin…so far, might squeeze another date in while i’m over there.

we’re doing a three day mental health awareness event in october called “acting out”, which i know nothing about acting out 😉




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tomorrow on my radio show called “overrated” my guest will be jonathan morgan from the band above this fire. ATF has a new record out that is self titled and i happened to do the cover art for. we’ll be talking that up along with his past with the band disengage. 89.3 fm in cleveland, and on line out side of cleveland air space.

my birthday is fast approaching and as usual, all i want is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting 🙂


somebody fell in the river when fishing yesterday in vermilion


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had a great time with james from ringworm on the radio show today…i hope some of you tuned in. next wednesday will be jonathan morgan from the band above this fire. and the following wednesday i’ll have mike williams back. mike is the guy who discussed the flat earth concept a few weeks back. this time we’ll be talking about past lives and past live regression.
two new pieces up in the original archive gallery, check them out.


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