me and rommel got stuck in a hell of a traffic jam yesterday. apparently about two miles ahead of us was a bomb threat so no one was moving an inch for two hours. we were at the eddy road exit on rout 90, the bomb was at the martin luther king blvd exit, one up. everyone got out of there cars and started to talk with each other, walked there dogs around the six lanes of dead in the water cars and trucks. little kids peeing on the lane divider. it became a big parking lot block party. pictured below is rommel enjoying the mass of cars.


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Helpless people on a subway train
Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them

He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town

Oh no, they say he’s got to go go go Godzilla
Oh no, there goes Tokyo go go Godzilla

History shows again and again
How nature points up the folly of men

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a car without a transmission is like a car you can’t drive…just like one, i’ve noticed since i’m on day two, going on day three with no transmission. my car is a 2004 with over 160,000, (probably a lot more i can’t see the odometer because it’s at the shop), so these things are to be expected. like the blower for my AC and heat went kaput. my guy had a chance to fix that at least while waiting for the parts to show up. who knew it would take three days to get parts for a transmission. i miss my 1975 LTD, i drove that baby into the ground in the 1990’s. the real problem with that was it was getting harder and harder to get parts for it…at least i know mine are three days away…..actually one now, fingers crossed

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you ever notice when you’re in speedway gas station standing in line to get your tornadons…(my personal favorite is the ranchero beef steak and cheese one),and your arms are full of other things like pop, candy and other things you don’t actually needs…ever notice there’s someone playing a ton of numbers on the lottery in front of you and then want cigarettes the clerk can’t find and they get mad at the clerk? i see it a lot, maybe because i go to speedway too much, but i’d like to know how many of those high rollers hit and how their lung cancer is coming along.

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there goes tokyo

oh yeah, we’re getting ever so closer to the godzilla show at the DHG! here’s blue oyster cult doing godzilla in 1980….anyone gonna dress the part? we’ll give you something

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i got nothin to write about today….nothin…i could write about cutting the grass yesterday with my good converse on and now they smell like grass, sucks. i could, actually i should write about the opening last night, that’ll make marty, my manager, happy. it went really well, hung out with a really nice person, ok, what else, i missed saxon last night because i was too tired after the opening, that really bummed me out, me and saxon go back to 1979 or 1980, to the power and the glory. the pope is in cuba. the jo doesn’t like his new food, he’s an idiot. it’s starting to get fall like here, leafs will need raking. i’ve been drinking diet dr. pepper over my stand by diet pepsi as of late. what is it with dr. pepper, is that a hint of cherry they got in there? oh…the godzilla show at the DHG is gonna be amazing! i just need people to dress up like godzilla, that would be perfect, anyone out there into it?…k, there you go, a whole lot of nothin.

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ok, tomorrow is the third friday which means the DHG (derek hess gallery) will be open for business. if you missed it last month, the building DHG is in, the 78th street studios, has a mass opening every third friday…i’m guessing there’s around 40 galleries in the building so it’s one huge art party. we are located at 1300 wet 78th street, cleveland. our door is on that side, there’s another door on the other side of the building too with a ton of galleries….hope to see you there.
ps-the october third friday at the DHG will be a godzilla show…more on that to come.

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here’s some that drive me home (i like that term, drive me home)..moo juice, anywhoo, ..really?…..i know, right?, no worries, my bad (although i’m guilty of saying that), selfie, epic (the only thing that is epic is the band rhapsody), trending, hashtag, out to lunch, that’s what she said, it is what it is, bro, no problemo, …..just what to came to mind as i finished off my milk this morning

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how about those browns..sob’s…same old browns, yep 16 of their last 17 opener they’ve lost…and how about those plays…1st one, SOB, 2nd one, SOB, 3rd one, SOB, 4th one, SOB, 5th one, SOB, fast forward 16th one, SOB, 17th one, SOB, and so on into next week and into the week after that. i love these “die hard” browns fans that say they bleed orange and brown…they’re losers, as much as their team. if they truly felt that way they wouldn’t live or die by them any more, they’d get some balls and demand change…hey loser, get back in line for your next beer from the kegger…the change we got now is SOB.

on a positive note, the new uniforms look good

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Contact Information:

On Pointe Arts

Lauren Farmer

1664 N. Main St.

Unit 4

North Canton, OH 44720


On Pointe Arts hosts “Drawing the Human Body” with Derek Hess





North Canton, OHOn Pointe Arts hosts “Drawing the Human Body” with Derek Hess, taking place at On Pointe Arts studio located in the New Berlin Plaza on October 3rd and 4th, 2015,


On Pointe Arts is proud to bring Derek Hess to North Canton for the first time.

Cleveland-based artist Derek Hess has tested the waters of both the music and art world for over 20 years. Always a fan of music, Hess began creating promotional flyers for shows in Cleveland using his own unique vision and a play off the bands names and genre. These flyers soon garnered the attention of countless bands as well as both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the infamous Louvre in Paris, who both have Hess’ art in their permanent collection.


In addition to posters and numerous album covers. He has also been featured on television shows and in magazines – TLC, The Food Network, MTV, Fuse, VH1, Alternative Press and Juxtapoz as well as many others.   Recently the documentary, Forced Perspective, created by director Nick Cavalier about Derek’s art, life, and struggles, was debuted at the Cleveland International Film Festival.


Drawing the Human Body will be a crash course master class taught by Derek focusing on figure drawing. This class will be for artists 18 years of age or older and previous life drawing experience is required.  A very limited number of participants will be accepted, and all artists are expected to attend both sessions. Student should bring their own supplies (pencil, paper and drawing board), an open mind, and come prepared to grow as artists. Cost for the weekend is $115 per student and reservations can be made by calling 330-705-2347 or visiting


“Learn the fundamentals of drawing. This way you don’t have to worry about how to draw something, your energy can be spent on what to draw. Content with confidence of your ability to execute it.”-Derek Hess


On Pointe Arts is an arts studio in North Canton, OH. They specialize in dance classes for the whole family while providing monthly experiences in various aspects of the arts.




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