all things forced perspective are available now…..several different bundles…from just the dvd to the book with a limited edition print, poster, blue ray and all points in between. the movie companion book is really great, it covers the movie, covers the production and has tons of art that wasn’t in the movie. the book also comes with an out takes dvd including more art, unearth, stipe miocic, behind the scenes, and so on…these are all pre-sale items and you can check them out HERE




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you know….we have the republican national convention coming to cleveland, several cities bid on it and we won….i am far from being a republican, but i can see how this is a good thing for any city to means lots of money for the local economy. now kansas city is one of the cities that was bidding on the convention and lost it…kansas city is getting pissy about it…i saw it on our local news yesterday..kansas city is calling us, cleveland, the mistake on the lake….sore losers they are. that writer who wrote about how bad our city is obviously hasn’t been here in a while, or more likely never been here…hey buddy, i’ve been to kansas city…AND? that’s what i thought…pissy little bitch he is…propping up your own town is in order before you try and bring down another…you aint got nothing on cleveland son.

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this is a picture of one of my bluegills in my 150 gallon tank. there is no photoshop going on here, it’s my fish close to the surface and he is reflecting off it. the best way to take pictures of a fish in a tank with  a phone is to put the phone against the glass and then take the picture.

notice his fin rot on the tail fin…i don’t know where that came from, all the bluegills got it, the goldfish in the same tank didn’t. strange.


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oh boy…i got a super cool 7” for you today…why is it super cool?..well it’s on a super cool record label..famed sub pop records who have released tons of seven inches..they’re the people who brought you nirvana, mudhoney, sound garden, melvins, tad, and so on..and they’re still at it. what else makes this super cool…it’s a split seven inch with super cool bands..supersuckers and tenderloin. another super cool thing is those bands are covering two of my favorite bands…supersuckers are doing “mother mary” by UFO, and tenderloin is doing “leave this town” by thin lizzy. how cool is that? well you’s super cool. both versions are excellent. they tear it up, i can’t go on enough how good this is. the supersuckers even find a way to throw in a “mother fucker” into the lyrics, i know UFO didn’t use potty mouth language, but it’s ok with me. and tenderloin, when the song slows down and there’s spoken word about a real fine fox and a shotgun, you could almost here phil saying it him self.
the art work is no big deal, they took a portion of each band’s images (UFO & thin lizzy) and slapped logos that looks like UFO’s and thin lizzy’ on top. they didn’t spend too much time on it…i guess they let the music do the talking.
i tell you what is not’s not cool i can’t find a youtube of the supersuckers doing mother mary, or tenderloin doing leave this i found the next best thing, i got the original versions posted below, UFO and thin lizzy.

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ok…instead of a european 7” release, i went with an american one on white vinyl from mud records out of urbana, illinois. it’s for a band i had play a lot when i was booking the euclid tavern. they’re called ‘honcho overload’ and they were from champaign illinois. i can’t image many of these records were pressed, honcho never did make it big, not for lack of trying or lack of talent. the A side is a song called “sugarfoot” and the B side is “ miserable”. sugarfoot is a rock song that boarders on the noise thing amphetamine reptile records made popular in the 90’s, which is when this was released, i’m guessing around 1993. it’s fast paced, noisy and good. the other side, ‘miserable’ is my favorite. it is a heart break ballad which was a departure for the band. i normally could care less for the ballad thing, but this one catches you with the chorus…”and i hope, i hope you feel miserable, i hope you feel terrible, i hope you feel bad”. it also made it on their full length cd. i actually found youtubes for both songs..285 and 25 listens, gives you an idea how popular they were which is a shame.
below are both songs…and i’m sending miserable out to a special person 😉

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today’s record review is from one of my favorite all time bands..iron maiden. it’s very cool, a european release single like the ufo one from the march 27th blog entry. but this one is twelve inch size and a picture disc of eddie playing the bass…not only is it eddie playing the bass, it’s die-cut to the size of his body..AND it’s a limited edition. i have number 17,840, i don’t know how many were released, my best guess is 20,000.
side one is ‘fear of the dark, recorded live in helsinki, findland, june 5th 1992. side two is ‘hooks in you’ recorded live in london, england, december 17th 1990.
i can find no faults in this release what so ever. ‘fear of the dark’ is a classic europian sing along, which europe does so well. the audiences in the states don’t do the sing alongs for some reason…btw, the you tube down below is side one. side two, ‘hooks in you’ is the b side and is much more rare, i know of no other live version released…and iron maiden is known for releasing live records.
the image of eddie is done by long time iron maiden illustrator ‘derek riggs’ and is one of his better ones. eddie is striking a classic steve harris pose..steve harris being iron maiden’s bass player and the guy who produced this record…if you run across one of these twelve inches i suggest snatching it up…up the hammers!

ps…i’m on the radio tonight, 7pm eastern time, check yesterday’s entry for details

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forced perspective will be shown at cleveland state, wednesday april 6th…reception at 6pm, 7pm is the showing and afterwards me and nick will do a Q and A….info HERE

i will also be on wcsb radio, cleveland state radio this friday, 7 till 9pm…i’ll be blah blahing with john callahan and i WILL play some angel, as i always do.

ps…you can listen on line

radio station web sight HERE

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I got my triptykon shirt in the mail today! it’s a good day! i guess this means i love the devil!

go check them out…the bass player is my future ex wife  TRIPTYKON

this is SO BAD ASS

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Here is a private commission i did of a Lorax. I was allotted 5 artist proofs from each series to make available to my fans so here you go. The main edition was 65 and the variant was an edition of 10.
EPA (purple) – 5 color silkscreen print, edition of 65, 18 x 24, printed at Lady Lazarus
EPA (variant) – 5 color silkscreen print, variant edition of 10, 18 x 24, printed at Lady Lazarus


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check out this baby parked in my driveway


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