here it is, the new one…available tomorrow – Closer To God Skateboard, signed and numbered limited edition of 95

i’d like to thank everyone who donated to the radiothon today (see previous post). among the bunch i got two from florida, way to go FLA, listening on line, thats really cool. – my show is wednesday, 11am – 12:30pm if you’re just tuning in here…this is the link –

Closer God Deck_1 2

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hey group! the wcsb radiothon is on right now till sunday novemeber 12th. the station, wcsb 89.3 cleveland, runs no commercials so there’s no income from that and cleveland state is drastically cutting back their financial support as well…SO, we need your help. it’s only once a year we ask for donations to keep independent commercial free radio rolling. – call in anytime till sunday, and i’m especially looking for you to call in and pledge during my show, which is wednesday, 11am till 12:30 pm east coast time. i’m having a special for my show only, for $100 you can come in and run the show, play what you like as long as it fits the format. there is also a ton of other premiums available, a gang of t shirt and hoodie designs, including one of mine (see picture). there are also mugs, hats, bottle openers, and so on…. so, help a station out, donate if you can. the donation line is 216-687-6900

this wednesday morning i go to the cardiologist and get my heart checked out again since the heart attack (see october 6th post). things have been better, hopefully the old ticker will be ok.

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i’ll be filling in on the radio tomorrow night for their rock rotation. it will be 7pm – 9pm east coast time…that’s 89.3 fm cleveland or on line world wide at WCSB.ORG

3 skateboards

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remember group, my weekly radio show is tomorrow, wednesday, november 1st, 11am to 12:30pm east coast time. my show is called”overrated” and i’m on WCSB 89.3 in cleveland air space..and can be heard on line anywhere at WCSB.ORG – remember, i’m on EVERY WEDNESDAY – see you then.


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so…i went to the ghoulardi fest with my pals audrey and beth anne this last saturday. ghoulardi was the founding father of late night creature feature movie hosts in the 1960’s here in cleveland. he was slightly before my time, but i do appreciate what he did for the profession. hoolihan and big chuck followed in his footsteps, and when hoolihan split for florida, little john took his place. so it was big chuck and little john (and hoolihan) who spread the word of certain ethnic folks from parma ohio, the kielbasa kid, polkas, pink flamingos, mush mouth and pizza eating contests, readings from robert, white socks, all in the because of ghoulardi. kids would send ghoulardi nicely built model cars and such only to have him blow them up with firecrackers on the air while wanting to know if people in parma were getting the broadcast. also, cleveland was blessed to have too other creature feature movie host inspired by ghoulardi, super host and the ghoul.
THIS is a great documentary on ghoulardi, if anything i wrote seems the least bit interesting, i suggest you watch it and get the whole scoop, group.

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i’m going to this fest tomorrow with some pals…it’s gonna be cool, i go every year, gonna see big chuck, little john, and hoolihan…there’s supposed to be a pizza fight too!


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here are a few more i got from north coast nostalgia (see october 15th post). the demon #2 (original series), and our fighting forces #138 i got from the actual store on ridge road, both are in spectacular shape.  the captain marvel #9 (nm 9.4) i picked up off of north coast nostagia’s eBay store. this comic comes from one owner, he bought it in the 1960’s and bagged it and put it away in a huge collection that north coast is featuring on their eBay site. that eBay store is amazing, he has TONS of books listed, all in high grade. if you collect this kind of stuff, that is the place to look, i’m gonna have to practice some restraint.

the three of these books all have legendary silver and bronze age comics artists. captain marvel is drawn by gene colan, the demon is done by jack kirby, and our fighting forces is drawn by joe kubert.

here are some links..gene colan, –  jack kirby, –  joe kubert, –  captain marvel, –  the demon, –  our fighting forces,  – north coast nostalgia’s ebay store

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Here it is, my first cast resin sculpture made by master sculptor Rich Van Over
Solid single piece sculpture that measures 12” high
Every piece has a its own unique bone washed effect
Limited to 90 pieces
Pre-order between now and Halloween for $160.00, originally $175.00
Ships on or before December 15th.

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here’s a recent comic book acquisition. it’s a copy of ’not brand echh’ #11 in cgc graded 9.6 nm+ condition. not brand echh was a statire comic on marvel’s and dc’s super hero’s, it ran 13 issues in the late 1960’s, this copy being from december 1969. since it wasn’t taking anything seriously, the collectors at the time didn’t take their condition seriously. so it is hard to find copies that are in high grade. not brand echh’s central super hero was “forbush man” a hero with no powers who wore red long johns. on this cover in the lower right side is a drawing of a german plane flying at king konk. the pilot is taken directly from the comedy show ‘laugh in’ which was ground breaking tv show in the late 60’s.
here’s what wikipedia say’s about the book’s name “The series title was a play on an advertising convention of the time, in which a competitor’s product was not referred to by name, but simply as “Brand X”; DC was sometimes playfully called “Brand Echh” in Marvel “Bullpen Bulletins” and letters pages, hence this comic was “Not Brand Echh.” The official title of the comic in its postal indicia was Brand Echh for its first four issues, and afterward Not Brand Echh, the cover title from the start.”
read more of the wikipedia info HERE.

cgc grade

cgc, or Certified Guaranty Company is a comic book grading service independent from any comic book company. grades run from 1, being the worst, to 10, being the best. what they do is have three professional graders go through a comic and decided on what level of condition the book is in. the three conditions are then devided by three to come up with the final condition grade. the comic is then “slabed”, which is encased in a protection plastic case and sealed so it can’t be openned, hence preserving the grade.
read more wikipedia info HERE.

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