omg, omg, omg! Good day at the grocery store, pumpkin eggnog and braunschweiger!


oh…and if anyone cares, and maybe you do if you read this dumb blog…all i want for christmas is fantasy masterpieces #6 in NM condition (thats a link if you didnt know), or number #5, #4, #3, #2, or #1 if #6 is gone 😉


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hey group! i’m doing a fill in today at the radio station, which means i’ll be on the air 3pm to 5pm east coast time, tune in and call in a request at 216-687-3515. 89.3 cleveland or on line anywhere in the world at
tomorrow i’ll be filling in the spot before my regular time slot so i’ll be playing 3.5 hours of rock. so i start tomorrow at 9am and i go to 12:30pm. mr. bill peters will be my guest at 11am, bill has had his “metal on metal” radio show on the air for 35 years over at wjcu 88.7. we’ll be talking about his annual food drive at the beachland which will feature a ton of bands including ‘night demon’ who will be recording the show for a cd. one of my favorite cleveland bands ‘breaker’ will be on the bill as well. the food drive gig, which also collects food for animal shelters, will be this saturday december 2nd at the beach land ballroom.

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well…spent a portion of today at the radio station packing up premiums for folks who donated to the radiothon. lots of cool stuff went out and a big thanks again to those who pledged, you’re the greatest….and special thanks to helen for making sure the machine is welled oiled.


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…i mean thanks giving! i dont have much going on, cooking a turkey for me and the boys…rommel and the jo, while switching back and forth from star trek (the original series) and football.

as far as art goes..we’re working on two books to come out early 2018, i’ll have much more information on them when we get closer to the release dates.

as far as radiothon goes (see november 6th and 16th updates) we did great, we hit beyond our target number. a total of $51,388.30 was raised! i want to thank everyone who donated and gave support to the radio station. without you, we wouldn’t be able to cover costs and might have had to go off the air.

i busted out this old hand turkey drawing from 2011 for the holiday..have a good one.


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tomorrow is open house at WCSB for all the radiation donors and those who may still like too donate. we’ll have many of the premiums there so you can pick up what you want and there will be food, DJ’s spinning, radio hosts, and you can record a PSA if you like to be aired over the next year…also a tour of the station. open house is from 5-9pm tomorrow and again on sunday, 12-4pm so you don’t have to watch the browns crash and burn…..again. we are located at 3100 chester ave, cleveland. entrances is off of e.30th between chester and euclid, go to the back building and take the elevator to the fourth floor, see you then…below is one of many  premiums that were given away, and are still available, see the november 6th entry for what the t-shirts look like.


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Hey group! Rock tub in the trunk transporting to Wcsb for my radio show overrated. On the air at 11am today east coast time! Tune in you radio heads, 89.3 cleveland, or anywhere at WCSB.ORG

tub trunk

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there’s three new angels in the original archive gallery and several new pieces available in the original available gallery…have a look..


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the skate boards in the previous update are now available for pre-order – they will ship on or around december 18th, 2017 – check them out here

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here it is, the new one…available tomorrow – Closer To God Skateboard, signed and numbered limited edition of 95

i’d like to thank everyone who donated to the radiothon today (see previous post). among the bunch i got two from florida, way to go FLA, listening on line, thats really cool. – my show is wednesday, 11am – 12:30pm if you’re just tuning in here…this is the link –

Closer God Deck_1 2

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hey group! the wcsb radiothon is on right now till sunday novemeber 12th. the station, wcsb 89.3 cleveland, runs no commercials so there’s no income from that and cleveland state is drastically cutting back their financial support as well…SO, we need your help. it’s only once a year we ask for donations to keep independent commercial free radio rolling. – call in anytime till sunday, and i’m especially looking for you to call in and pledge during my show, which is wednesday, 11am till 12:30 pm east coast time. i’m having a special for my show only, for $100 you can come in and run the show, play what you like as long as it fits the format. there is also a ton of other premiums available, a gang of t shirt and hoodie designs, including one of mine (see picture). there are also mugs, hats, bottle openers, and so on…. so, help a station out, donate if you can. the donation line is 216-687-6900

this wednesday morning i go to the cardiologist and get my heart checked out again since the heart attack (see october 6th post). things have been better, hopefully the old ticker will be ok.

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