no DJ today….i have to break into and dig through a big crate for my stash of records. the ones i’ve been writing about my buddy LT (guy who  got me the turn table) had returned for me. i’m waiting on several more to come back from him, the accused and big black are two and i wanna write them up. both are excellent records done by excellent bands. i plan on writing about the big ones like kiss and aerosmith as well, nothing past 1979 on both, you know, when they were good, especially aerosmith. their draw the line record was tremendous. kiss started slipping with rock and roll over. love gun was weak with amazing cover art, so kiss was wrapped up by 78 in my opinion, love gun was the end, and don’t get me started on dynasty. they did have a brief solid comeback with creatures of the night, that was after the elder and i think a few others…but that was it. i’ll write about queen also…they were untouchable…until the jazz record, that had it’s moments but songs like bicycle race just ruined them forever, they were the champions of the world, don’t get me started on the game, they had no brief comeback. i do miss freddie though, what a great performer he was. i got the see them twice at their prime. first time was the news of the world tour during a blizzard at a sold out coliseum. all 20,000 braved the weather and made it inside. the second time was the 1978 jazz tour which was the following year. it was during the winter also, but i don’t remember it being hazardous, i do remember it being amazing. when they toured the game the next year i couldn’t go, that song another one bites the dust was too stupid for me. queen was not bad ass so they really couldn’t pull off a tough guy song. freddie also grew that stupid mustache, i didn’t want to tarnish my memories of how great they were…BTW the 1977 news of the world tour was my first concert. the jazz tour was my fifth…kiss, aerosmith and angel were the shows in between…and angel, i could go on about how great they were, but i’ll save that for a DJ review of them.