eddie van halen who?…i don’t know any eddie van halen, i know michael schenker, well not personally, but i do know he owns the title of best hard rock guitarist hands down. i went to the “michael schenker fest” last night at the cleveand agora, it was a fest because he had all of his former lead vocalist along for the ride, four of them. a two and a half plus hours demonstration of rock and roll…ending with rock bottom, doctor doctor, natural thing, shoot shoot, and lights out. DAMN, the ufo stuff was amazing. you could tell schenker was having a good time, a smile ear to ear for the entire set…and at one point while playing a lead, he was handed a camera from someone pressed against the barricade, and he started taking pictures with his right hand of the audience and the band members while the whole time not missing a note playing the blistering lead on the fret with his left hand. if this “fest” is coming to your town, you had best go to it.