!!! had a second appearance in court today for a traffic violation. they say i cut off an ambulance which is wrong, an angry cop was just taking out his self hatred on me..anyway the ambulance was more than 100 yards away when i made my turn. i’m driving around the cleveland clinic to pick up a friend who was just diagnosis with cancer. if you ever been down at the cleveland clinic you know what i mean when i say i was lost. anyway i made my turn and next thing i know i’m getting lit up with the cops flashers…..so i go to my first appearance in court and i plea not guilty, so they gave me a second court date to deal with me. what was at risk was a big fine, points on my licenses, and court costs which is $141 which is just crazy. so i get called up to appear before the judge and the prosecutor says the police officer who ticketed me didn’t show so my case was thrown out., no fines, no points, and no court costs…i fought the law and derek won.