ok, why is vinyl not as hip as hipster claim it is…it scratches, much easier than a CD, my record for the video you just watched is scratched when not in my possession . anyway, it’s cool there is a video for it. henry rollins and the hard-ons, what a great idea / match. rollins is rollins and the hard-ons are Australian rock. what a cool project. and what makes this over the top is they are covering AC/DC’s “let there be rock! an all time AC/DC metal rock song. the power is intense, and the video is raw. rollins lays it down to make bon scott proud. and the end rollins get’s to screaming, “yeah, yeah, yeah”, over and over like he does on his rollins band release “life time”…very hard stuff. the B side to the 12” EP is “carry me down” and that’s just what it does, carry’s you down. not the best effort from this combination. rollins actually sings the chorus lines and it’s….well bad. so it’s a half good, half bad EP…..the jo and rommel approve.