so…i went to the ghoulardi fest with my pals audrey and beth anne this last saturday. ghoulardi was the founding father of late night creature feature movie hosts in the 1960’s here in cleveland. he was slightly before my time, but i do appreciate what he did for the profession. hoolihan and big chuck followed in his footsteps, and when hoolihan split for florida, little john took his place. so it was big chuck and little john (and hoolihan) who spread the word of certain ethnic folks from parma ohio, the kielbasa kid, polkas, pink flamingos, mush mouth and pizza eating contests, readings from robert, white socks, all in the because of ghoulardi. kids would send ghoulardi nicely built model cars and such only to have him blow them up with firecrackers on the air while wanting to know if people in parma were getting the broadcast. also, cleveland was blessed to have too other creature feature movie host inspired by ghoulardi, super host and the ghoul.
THIS is a great documentary on ghoulardi, if anything i wrote seems the least bit interesting, i suggest you watch it and get the whole scoop, group.