1979….i’m immersed in metal…i’m buying records because of their covers, i knew nothing about AC/DC but when i walked into that record store and saw the cover of “if you want blood, you got it” with a guy shoving an SG guitar through his chest it had to go home with me….and it was a righteous purchase. purchased because of the cover, sold by the music. same with judas priest “unleashed in the east”, this guy was on a motorcycle on stage! record sold. anyway, i was touching on a few records outside of the metal, the first police record, elvis costello, and the cars, but metal was first and foremost. until a day when a friend introduced me to the record “replicas” by gary numan. this was different, yet still had a dark edge to it. synthesizers and guitars, with bowie style undertones, complicated yet understandable lyrics, and the visual aspect. the cover was amazing, this guy, in black with his skin and hair white, looking out the window to “the park”. you can see the refection of him and although he is standing with his hands to his sides, the reflection had his hands folded in front of him. this record was sold to me too, no question. i still treasure this album, it has inspired more of my work than i can count, especially then when i was 14/15…made the lasting impression. the tour came and i caught it at the cleveland music hall in early 1980. the stage and presence was just as dynamic as the cover and recordings. below is a youtube of “me i disconnect from you” plus more from that tour. his next release was “the pleasure principle” with the big hit “cars” on it. although i like that record, guitars were dropped for all electronc instruments and i feel it just wasn’t as dynamic as “replicas”, not as much texture. replicas is still played here.