well, the last two stops have been great….last night the movie screening and book signing at howl tattoo and gallery in ft. myers was a blast, it was nice seeing andy howl again and my old room mate from college chris the rigatoni baby made his presence known. lots of folks watched the movie and stuck around for a good Q & A.

*picture of me and andy

tonights book signing at rise above tattoo in orlando was great as well. thanks to scott the owner for the hospitality. a big shout to carlie. carlie has her tattoo and a pretty heavy story in the back of the book in the tattoo section. she has been through a lot (you’d have to read her story in the book) and has come to terms with her past. she was getting closure tonight by tattooing my signature next to her ‘burned out’ tattoo. nice meeting you carlie, and good luck in all your future endeavors.
tomorrow is a movie screening and book signing at the delurk gallery in winston-salem NC.