my playboy cover flower prints will be available in about an hour through 1xRun…here’s a brief description and here’s the link to see them HERE

the idea of the flower is to be seductive, to draw interest to it for the sake of pollination. this is why i thought drawing some vibrant and alive flowers on playboy covers would be a good fit. playboy magazine is about attraction and seduction, same as the flower. i found the flower to be a fascinating plant, so many different types with all the singleness of mind, to get pollinated. the playboy magazine, so many different issues and covers, all with the singleness of mind, to get pollinated.
this series was fun because of working directly on the playboy covers. the cover art made for a wonderfully colorful canvas that enriched the image of the flower when drawn on top of it. the flower becomes the cover, but if you look at it well, the original cover still exists, it has become symbiotic.