well if you haven’t, david bowie passed away today from liver cancer. what a genius he was, i can’t say i followed him, but to not be aware of him and his impact on the music world you would have to been living under a rock. “fame”, “golden years”, “young american”, “heros”, “ziggy stardust”,”scary monsters” and the list goes on…i have the up most respect for bowie and his music catalog. i admit, i only own one bowie record…”station to station” from 1976 which is brilliant, the song “tvc15” is on there and is from the movie he was in “the man who fell to earth” pictured above (see station to station youtube below). something that is special to us in cleveland with bowie is cleveland was the first american market to play his music and broke him in the states. we were the first city he played and came back on his first tour to play two sold out nights at the public hall in 72,. much larger crowds and venues for him here in the beginning and that had to do with our ground breaking radio station WMMS who also broke rush in america, plus a lot to do with sprigstien in america, although i don’t care much for bruce. we are the rock and roll capital of the world, that’s why we have the rock and roll hall of fame here…anyway, bowie, what a loss, but what a wealth of inspiration he left.