well, chicago and findlay went really well, met a TON of right on folks at both stops. ray from hopesfall stopped by and told me they’re playing some shows in NYC and are putting out a new record! my cousin kathy totally took care of us and put us up in a really nice hotel…thank you KATHY!..one bad thing in chicago, someone stole helen’s back pack that had a ton of info we needed, her lap top, cell phone, and credit cards. rat bastards, we did get the cards turned of, one of the bad guys tried it at a redbox and it was declined, hopefully there was a camera there to get a picture of them…..anyway, billy at gallery f in chicago was very accommodating and it is much appreciated. findlay went well, Jeremy the owner of gypsy tattoo is a great guy as well….oh, and the comic book stores in chicago are great too!

me and kathy hess

me and hopesfall ray

mark in chicago had me draw a figure on his leg and he went and got it tattooed pictured below…along with other pictures of the trip…

at the bean….