These are CGC professional graded copies of the Captain America comic book covers i did in 2002. CGC (Certified Guaranty Company )will take a comic book and three professional graders will go over them, then the three totals are averaged out to make it a fair and correct grading. The grades run from 1 which is the worst, to 10 which is near mint. The book is then “slabbed”, which means it encased in a protective casing and is un-openable which will preserve the grading as authentic till the end of time. these CGC’s are “signature series” which means i was in Sarasota to at their offices to sign my signature with a grader witnessing me. This way not only is the condition graded, but the signature is authenticated as well. These are very high graded books, 9.4 to 9.6.

$250 each $700 for the three, write marty if interested –