well…the radio is going well..i’m hitting the wrong nobs less as i do more shows…nobs are hit though. this wednesday my guest will me mike olszewski, long time radio personality in cleveland along with accomplished auther and a member of the Siegel and Shuster Society. Siegel and Shuster are the guys who created superman right here in cleveland back in the day….here’s some of mike’s resume…

1977-86  WERE-AM;  From intern to afternoon news anchor and managing editor
    1987       WRMR-AM & WLTF-AM;  WRMR news director and morning co-host
    1988-94    WMMS-FM & WHK-AM; News director and afternoon show co-host on WMMS
    1994-97    WOIO-TV / WUAB-TV  General assignment and entertainment reporter
    1998       WMMS-FM
    1999-2003  WZJM-FM & WKNR-FM  Morning show co-host and news director
    2006-09    WNCX-FM  News director and morning show co-host

books include:  The Ghoul Scrapbook, Radio Daze: Stories from the Front in Cleveland’s FM Air Wars,
                       WIXY 1260: Pixies, Six-Packs and Supermen, Cleveland TV Tales I & II and the
                       upcoming Cleveland Radio Tales.

my show is on WCSB 89.3 cleveland at 11am – 12:30pm east coast time…you can listen on line HERE.

i think i’m filling in for a show on friday as well 11am – 12:30pm…i’ll be playing more led zeppelin 1977 recorded in cleveland along with the cleveland ozzy show in 1981 at music hall.


this morning i’ll be filling in at the radio station, 11am – 12:30pm east coast time…i got my hands on led zeppelin recorded live in cleveland at the richfield coliseum in 1977 and will be playing a few from that. the radio station is wcsb 89.3 or on line at www.wcsb.org

tonight at the gallery, 5-9pm east coast time i’ll be showcasing every poster i did in 1995..soul coughing, jesus lizard, poster children, and so on…32 in all. the gallery is at 1300 west 78th street, cleveland, second floor.



my weekly radio show starts today at 11am – 12:30pm east coast time – wcsb 89.3 cleveland… listen on line at www.wcsb.org


this just in….i will start my new weekly radio show wednesday the 13th! it will be called “overrated” and will be on every wednesday at 11am to 12:30pm east coast time on WCSB 89.3 CLEVELAND…you can listen on line at www.wcsb.org

so i’m walking through cleveland state getting my paper work done for the radio station wearing my best black sabbath shirt when i passed some kid, student, on the sidewalk. he looked at my shirt and kinda rolled his eyes..i’m thinking, bitch, you wouldn’t know a black sabbath song if it kicked your ass..and you know what, if he heard a sabbath tune i’m sure he would melt like the witch in the wizard of oz…junior.



ok pals…i’m on the radio this morning 9-11am east coast time doing the grumpy old man show at wcsb 89.3 playing rock from the 70’s. you can tune in on your radio if you’re in cleveland air space or listen on line from anywhere …and you can call in at 216-687-3515 – www.wcsb.org



just finished up signing all the flower prints..there may be a few left, contact 1xRun if interested

i’m on the radio tomorrow morning again, inching closer to having my own show…i took the written test and scored a 90 which is pretty good, i do say so myself 😉

if you want to listen tomorrow, and i hope you do, i’ll be on 9-11am east coast time on 89.3 cleveland. out of town? don’t sweat it, you can listen on line too…www.wcsb.org



the screening last night in chicago went really well…it was an intimate setting, only 30 people in attendance and they were all private club members of the soho house (which is amazing). my room came with a complimentary marshall amplifier (although we couldn’t keep them). we’re hoping to have a public screening in chicago this fall. below is the seating for the venue, pretty cool…i should have more pictures later, i think nick took some with actual people there.



ok, well i did the radio show this morning..and i had some screw ups..wrong buttons pushed when i was playing “baby’s on fire” by brian eno so i had to restart it…left the studio mic on more than once, good thing no profanity was being said off air, because it was on air. there’s three turn tables and i would start number two, when i wanted to start number three, same with the cd players. lots of levers buttons and nobs. i’m supposed to do the show every week to get all the bugs ironed out, but next week i have a screening at the soho house in chicago for the movie so i’ll be absent. after that i’ll be able to do several shows in a row and eventually get my own show…over all today i would grade my self with a C.


i’ll be hosting the grumpy old man radio show on wcsb 89.3 again tomorrow morning, 9am-11am east coast time – listen on line at www.wcsb.org


ok cleveland, my town, it’s happened, the 52 year drought is over! TOUCHDOWN CAVS! we win, at last a championship within my life time, and a historic one at that, down three games to one, the cleveland cavaliers battled back to take best of seven, the first time ever that has happened. i’m very proud of you my cavs…and actually, lets not forget cleveland’s lake erie monsters for taking their championship too…next stop the indians and the browns! i’ll actually call us believeland now, but stop short of calling us “the land”, that’s kind of dumb. 216!

one day left on the flower prints..check them out HERE