wish i could say it’s under better circumstances…going to my uncles funeral



i’m going to chicago june 30th for a movie screening at the soho hotel…some private group booked it

the radio show last friday went really / pretty well, i did good…but did manage to push a few wrong buttons, such is life. i’m doing it again this coming friday, same time 9am – 11am east coast time. the station is wcsb 89.3 cleveland and the format is rock from the 70’s and 80’s, i’ll slip in some newer stuff too…if you’re not in our air space you can listen on line at WCSB.ORG


this rush 2112 / daisy eight track is available now along with four flower / playboy prints on 1xRun… check them all out here

ps – i’m on the radio tomorrow, see previous update.



i’m gonna get my first on air work out this friday on wcsb 89.3 cleveland. it’ll be 9am to 11am on the grumpy old man show…that’s east coast time..people far away, like lorain or la, you can listen on line from their web site http://wcsb.org


my playboy cover flower prints will be available in about an hour through 1xRun…here’s a brief description and here’s the link to see them HERE

the idea of the flower is to be seductive, to draw interest to it for the sake of pollination. this is why i thought drawing some vibrant and alive flowers on playboy covers would be a good fit. playboy magazine is about attraction and seduction, same as the flower. i found the flower to be a fascinating plant, so many different types with all the singleness of mind, to get pollinated. the playboy magazine, so many different issues and covers, all with the singleness of mind, to get pollinated.
this series was fun because of working directly on the playboy covers. the cover art made for a wonderfully colorful canvas that enriched the image of the flower when drawn on top of it. the flower becomes the cover, but if you look at it well, the original cover still exists, it has become symbiotic.




getting ready for my radio show on wcsb 89.3 cleveland, you will be able to listen on line too…don’t know the day yet or the time..rock from the 70’s to yesterday..and special guests from time to time…stay tuned




as for me…i continue to go into wcsb’s studios to learn buttons, previews, psa’s, turn tables, cd players, on air mic, and that rush has a ton of live releases, i had no idea, and i’m a rush fan…i guess i took the 90’s off..

as for wmms, i’m in this face book group that is a fan page for wmms in the 70’s and 80’s and it’s RIDICULOUS…hit after sucky ass hit is posted by the sheep who ate up those hits hook line and sinker in the 80’s…i remember those folks in high school, most were the jocks and up tight students who wouldn’t smoke pot. i post 70’s music like thin lizzy and ac/dc, the non hits, the good stuff. i wrote a post on there about the problem, not attacking, just pointing out and boy did some folks get panty twisted on me. i held my tongue so i wouldn’t get kicked off the page, but i can vent on here..i should post the fb people that are diligently ignorant on here and let you all fuck with them…but there’s probably some kind of law that would get me.. i will post the page so you all can join in and post GOOD stuff, i have the upmost faith that if you’re reading this, you probably can see past “jenny i got your number 876-5309”.

WMMS – Buzzard Radio in the 70s & 80s Fan Club

check out the classic buzzard bumper sticker i got from big fun







i figure a cute picture of rommel would get you to read this…. i keep forgetting to mention…i’m getting a radio show! provided i can work all the nobs right. i’ll be on WCSB 89.3 fm and you’ll be able to listen on line if you’re not in cleveland airspace. it’ll be at least a month so i’ll keep you all in the loop. don’t know the time or day yet…that’ll be figured out when i figure out all the nobs.


i got the new aftershock, “detonate” on auburn records yesterday in the mail. if you like power metal this is power metal at it’s finest, up and in your face. i was expecting average to good, needless to say it exceeded my expectations, it’s good to great. tough to pick the best tune out of the bunch, i’m gonna have to go with ‘ready to rock’ that’s the jam. can’t wait to see this stuff live and really in your face.


“Helluva Band” is the 2nd album by ANGEL, released on May 18, 1976. Happy 40th anniversary!