hello phoenix……hello filmbar

FilmBar Phoenix

815 N 2nd St, Phoenix, Arizona 85004

From 7:30 to 9 p.m. – See a screening of Forced Perspective
From 9 to 10 p.m. – book signing of 31 Days In May: A Visual Journey, which is a look at the link between creativity and mental health as told through Hess’ artwork.
Film screening is $9.95 – ticket link: www.thefilmbarphx.com/movie/derek-hess-31-days-in-may-book—tour
Book signing is FREE; copies of the book are $45 each.

We’ll be onsite at FilmBar before the event, from 7 to 7:30 p.m. for book sales/signings for those who can’t attend the other times

Presented by Perihelion Arts

The movie, ‘Forced Perspective’ is an intimate portrait of iconic Cleveland artist Derek Hess by filmmaker Nick Cavalier. The film is a journey through Derek’s struggle with alcoholism and bipolar and how these demons effect the artwork, presenting a voyeur into Derek’s personal life, revealing his process and philosophy. This film showcases the evolution of a celebrated artist, his effect on music and culture while highlighting the link between creativity and mental illness.

Derek Hess’ 31 Days In May Book & Tour is to break down the stigmas and creates awareness of mental illness and addiction. Internationally renowned artist, Derek Hess understands artists and people like himself are in a unique position to start dialogues about intimate universal struggles without as much fear of judgment. 31 Days In May is our opportunity to challenge — and change — the negative stereotypes.

In order to raise awareness, the Tour will hit approximately between 20-30 different locations across the United States during May 2018, Mental Health Awareness month. Derek will be doing book signings, screenings of his award winning documentary Forced Perspective and organized talks. In an attempt to really reach people Derek will forgo the high end gallery setting he’s used to and focus on non-traditional locations such as high schools, universities, bookstores, mental health organizations, hospitals, concert venues, libraries and shops.

A portion of all proceeds from Go Fund Me will go to the following organizations:
Hope For The Day
Mental Health America

Additionally, a portion of the Phoenix event’s proceeds will benefit SONORAN PREVENTION WORKS, the only comprehensive harm reduction organization that combines direct service, legislative advocacy, and capacity building to create stronger, healthier communities for people made vulnerable by substance use.


i’m getting ready to start my book signing tour monday and won’t be able to do my radio show for a month…so my last show is in the archives till wednesday (so if you’re reading this past wednesday it will not be up) and you can listen on line HERE



ok…here’s the offical information about the new book…..

To honor Mental Health Awareness Month in May of 2017, Derek posted a daily image to his social media outlets that showcased his ongoing battle with Dual Diagnosis, a term for those who struggle with both mental illness and substance abuse. This book, 31 Days In May, is a look at the link between creativity and disturbed mental states, as told through Derek’ artwork.

What started off as self-exploration quickly turned into a personal journey for those among Derek’s followers who were dealing with mental health and addiction issues oftheir own. Topics such as loneliness, relationships, depression and suicide are beautifully and painfully depicted throughout the book with the hope that it not only helps dispel some of the negative stereotypes surrounding mental illness, but also helps to educate readers, and shows others so afflicted that they aren’t alone.

Along with the 31 images that were originally posted, Derek included additional thematically-linked pieces, resulting in a generous book of over 150 pages filled with stunning art. The book concludes with a gallery of Derek Hess-inspired tattoos, which fans of his art and message have gotten to help deal with their own mental health issues.

31 Days In May is over 150 pages, hardbound, and contains over 120 Derek Hess images, some never before published, with a foreword by Dr. Joseph Calabrese, Director of the Mood Disorders Program at the Uiversity Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.

Each copy will be signed by Derek.

order the book HERE


here is the book signing line up if you haven’t seen it yet….also here is the GO FUND ME for the book as well, the goal has almost been reached.


well, things wrapped up yesterday in columbus. we had a great time, met a lot of cool folks and the book went over really well. hannah, LA ink fame, stopped by and said hi, she was doing live painting for the duration of the festival.

the book offical tour starts may 1st in phoenix.


another day at the hell city tattoo convention is history…had a GREAT time today, met a ton of swell folks and have had a really positive response to the new book. a big shout out to vickie (i hope it’s an “ie”) and cindy, so nice to see you two.

tomorrow will be the last day so if you’re in C-BUS stop by and say hi.


wel, day one of the event went well, met a lot of cool people and had a great response to the new book…..today being a saturday the event should be packed…if you’re in columbus stop my my spot and say hi!


hey group! i got a good write up in the columbus alive regarding this weekend at the hell city fest…check it out HERE


hey, i’m starting my book tour dates in columbus during their Hell city” tattoo convention. i’ll be set up for three days, friday, saturday, and sunday, – april 20, 21, 22. i’ll be signing my new book, “31 days of may” and i’ll also have lots of original art. check out the event at WWW.HELLCITY.COM

mean while, back at the derek hess gallery, this friday, april 20th, we’re having a “guardian” give away. we’ll have the brand new “guardian cold brew coffee” on hand and with a purchase you’ll get a certificate to get my new “guardian” print for FREE. it’s the guardian free give away at the DHG! check out the guardian cold brew web site HERE


here are the dates with what will be going on at each event…

31 Days In May Tour Dates:
4/20 – 4/22 – Columbus, OH @ Hell City Tattoo – Book Signing
5/1 – Phoenix, AZ @ FilmBar – Film Screening, Q&A, Book Signing
5/2 – San Diego, CA @ Eden Tattoo – Book Signing
5/3 – Los Angeles, CA @ Incognito Tattoo – Book Signing
5/4 – Clemente, CA @ San Clemente Tattoo – Book Signing
5/6 – San Francisco, CA @ Loved to Death – Book Signing
5/9 – Fort Myers, FL @ Howl Gallery/Tattoo – Film Screening, Q&A, Book Signing
5/10 – Orlando, FL @ Rise Above Tattoo – Book Signing
5/11 – Winston-Salem, NC @ Delurk Gallery – Film Screening, Q&A, Book Signing
5/12 – Augusta, GA @ 600 Broad – Film Screening, Q&A, Book Signing
5/16 – Syracuse, NY @ Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology – Film Screening, Q&A, Book Signing
5/18 – Cleveland, OH @ Derek Hess Gallery – Book Signing & Gallery Show
5/20 – Fremont, NE @ The Pioneer Theater – Film Screening, Q&A, Book Signing
5/21 – Cedar Rapids, IA @ Next Page Books – Book Signing
5/22 – Kansas City, MO @ Uptown & Arts Bar – Film Screening, Q&A, Book Signing
5/30 – Chicago, IL @ Galerie F – Book Signing
5/31 – Findlay, OH @ Gypsy Tattoo – Book Signing