here are a few more i got from north coast nostalgia (see october 15th post). the demon #2 (original series), and our fighting forces #138 i got from the actual store on ridge road, both are in spectacular shape.  the captain marvel #9 (nm 9.4) i picked up off of north coast nostagia’s eBay store. this comic comes from one owner, he bought it in the 1960’s and bagged it and put it away in a huge collection that north coast is featuring on their eBay site. that eBay store is amazing, he has TONS of books listed, all in high grade. if you collect this kind of stuff, that is the place to look, i’m gonna have to practice some restraint.

the three of these books all have legendary silver and bronze age comics artists. captain marvel is drawn by gene colan, the demon is done by jack kirby, and our fighting forces is drawn by joe kubert.

here are some links..gene colan, –  jack kirby, –  joe kubert, –  captain marvel, –  the demon, –  our fighting forces,  – north coast nostalgia’s ebay store