so…do any of you get “axs” tv? i came across the channel about two months ago while walking the board full of hundreds of terrible channels “dish” tv gives you. it was a good find, most of it is about music, they do the japanese big time wresting BS too, but i can over look that. dan rather does interviews on it, he did a real good one with robert plant and another with geddy lee which were really enlightening. this channel also does a show called “classic albums”. they do a really good job at that…some have been judas priest “british steel”, iron maiden “the number of the beast”, deep purple “machine head”, and my favorite pink floyd “wish you were here”. those were all very enlightening too, the wish you were here really gave you insight to how brilliant that record is. they also show concerts, a peter frampton, not one of my favorites but was good to see, and a cheap trick one i caught which was great. axs tv, well…dish has one thing going for them.

ok, got my book signing tour schedual together…here it is

4/20-22 Columbus, OH – Hell City
5/1 Phoenix, AZ – FilmBar
5/2 San Diego, CA – Eden Tattoo
5/3 Los Angeles CA – Incognito Tattoo
5/4 San Clemente, CA – San Clemente Tattoo
5/6 San Francisco, CA – Loved To Death
5/9 Fort Meyers, Fl – Howl Gallery/ Tattoo
5/10 Orlando, FL – Rise Above Tattoo
5/11 Winston-Salem, NC – Delurk Gallery
5/12 Augusta, GA – Augusta Regional Collabortion Corporation
5/16 Syracuse, NY – Museum of Science and Technology
5/18 Cleveland, OH – Derek Hess Gallery
5/20 Fremont, NE – Keene Memorial Library
5/21 Cedar Rapids, IA – Next Page Books
5/22 Kansas City, MO – Uptown Arts Bar

Chicago TBA
Findlay TBA