ok, we have a solid second place for best comic book store in the cleveland area. “comics and friends” in the mall out in mentor is spectacular. i just visited it with a few pals of mine and was very surprised by the selection and condition of silver and bronze age comics that have in stock. for you non silver and bronze folks go, the selection of current comic books and graphic novel books rivals any other book store in town. what they had of what i came for was a surprise to say the least. most book stores that have silver and bronze age books in hand tend to tell tall tales as to the amount and condition they have on hand, north coast nostalgia being the exception and best comic book store in cleveland (see october 15th and 26th updates). comics and friends has a wonderful collection of the both, prize books and a large selection to choose from. i picked up several, captain america and the falcon #150, monsters on the prowl #18, the amazing spider-man #107, tales of suspense #88 and the pick of the litter iron man and sub-mariner #1 in VF+ condition. no self respecting silver age collection can go without one of those in high grade condition. now with that booty, you’d think i paid a ransom for…wrong. they got a fair price for the sale and were willing to work with me on the price so we both walked away happy. so there you go…north coast nostalgia is the best cleveland comic book store followed up with the second best, comics and friends…trust me, have i ever lied to you and been caught? 😉
comics and friends