fish decoys. i must be very careful with fish decoys, i am painfully aware that i’m a collector and collecting fish decoys could become a real problem real fast. fish decoys are an American form of folk art. they are mostly fish carved out of wood for attracting the big one while ice fishing, actually ice fish spearing, or gigging if you prefer. the decoy is dropped through the whole in the ice and pulled up by a line in the hopes a bigger fish will be attracted to it enough to chase it up. carving decoys, the art of fish decoys has it’s root’s in the 1880’s and the vintage pieces go for a lot of money today. presently there are several current decoy artists that are highly collected. i caught myself before i get carried away, i only own 5 decoys, two are by master carver dave kober…. one is a bluegill and the other a sheephead. kober is in his seventies and picked up the art from his father. to order one of his pieces you can look at his web site and then either email him, of call him. he also encourages people to stop by his shop. if he wasn’t located in minnesota i’d probably be an apprentice by now. so why am i writing this? i got to looking at his page the other day and decided i’d like one of his bullhead carvings, so i call him up and talk a little bit. very personably guy, he didn’t have a yellow bullhead on his page, and that is what i was interested in, so he’s gonna make me a yellow bullhead…also, he doesn’t get paid up front, he’ll finish a pieces and send it to you. if you like it, you pay for it…very refreshing.

read about DAVE KOBER HERE
below are my bluegill and sheephead which i keep on my mantle….i’ll post the yellow bullhead when it get’s here, he said about a month a few weeks ago.

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OK… star riders…who? i’ll tell you who, it’s thin lizzy without phil. they decided the last tour they did under the name thin lizzy would be the last tour they would do under the name thin lizzy. so enter black star riders…i’m all over this like a bum on a pork chop. it’s like the next thin lizzy record, vocals even sound like phil, but i don’t get the feel of living in the shadow of thin lizzy. i can not wait for them to tour through here, this band will tear me away from my TV to go to a gig…below is one of their videos

ps, read the last blog about love…keep those letters coming

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ok, one last pet picture shot in the sun (see previous few updates). today, they are both in the action…the jo in the foreground and rommel in the back ground. the jo is an idiot and there’s a dinosaur in the picture.

i need some love, read yesterdays post and get back with me.



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ok…on with the action as UFO would say….next book is called LOVE, it’s about love and all the lovely things that go with it…you know what i draw when i’m not drawing fish….that’s the theme, love stuff. what i want from you are your “dear john” letters, rejection letters, revenge letters, self injury letters too…whatever you can think of along this theme…hell, maybe a true love letter or too would be cool. idk, surprise me, if it fits, we may want to put it in the book if that’s cool with you. send it to, come on now, lets see what you got.

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not to be out done, the jo had to get pictured in the mornings sun as well (see previous update). i’m still contemplating about writing a fish ‘back from the grips of death’ update…it’ll be long and take some explaining and would really take a bite out of some quality TV viewing…maybe tomorrow, we’ll see.

*note my UFOno place to run” framed promo poster behind the jo, that was quite the find.


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you know….i hate having long gaps between blog posts like the 13 day gap between my last two, not that anyone is paying attention….fact is, i didn’t have anything blog worthy for those days. i did  taken in, as i always do, quality TV, and that doesn’t include any reality TV thank you. maybe i’ll critique some TV to fill some gaps, or maybe i’ll post pictures of my pets…like today…pictured today is rommel sitting in the morning sun with his german helmet behind him…how about how well this I6 thing can take pictures…remind me to talk about my fish i have been medicating who came back from the semi brink off death…maybe i’ll have a fish story for you tomorrow, it’ll be lengthy….don’t worry, i won’t start taking pictures of food.


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yes, we can finally announce the premier of “forced perspective” at the cleveland international film festival. there will be two showings, march 27th at the cleveland museum of art, and march 28th at tower city cinemas. check the poster attached for details…advance tickets go on sale march 6th on the festival’s link.

other showings in other cities are soon to be announced.

“Forced Perspective” – The Story Of Artist Derek Hess | Trailer 2


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i just did an on line interview on the “cadatonic” web site. nice page they have there and interesting questions in the interview…not the same old same old…not that there’s anything wrong with the same old, i just never get to talk about “queen” with the old same….check out the interview HERE


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chicago’s last days

my show at rotofugi in chicago is coming down in a few days. you can still view it there in person or on line, and the show is also available on line…check it out HERE. next show is Phoenix march 20th.

this one is still available as is the one above


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just in case

just in case you haven’t checked out strhess clothing in a while, i’d like to let you know we have some pretty cool new designs….





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