happy 4th of july! it’s our birthday and i have to admit, we, those of you reading this from the states, have one of the better countrys in the world. yet our freedoms are limited to a point, we do have many and i, we enjoy them every day. one freedom many aren’t free to join in on is the lack universal health care and affordable prescriptions, that is due to a FREE market, where if you can pull it off, you to can monopolize an industry and manipulate politicians. we also have basically a free southern boarder where folks from other country’s can cross and take advantage of our freedoms which we take for granted. i noticed when i was in sigapore a few years back they are stricter with their freedoms than we are, they actually can not crew gum while walking down the street, yet you’re FREE to go down any street anywhere in their country at any time of the day or night. on the other hand we can chew gum walking down the street, but there are many streets i would never be safe or FREE to walk down day or night. which freedom is better? the point to this whole entry isn’t any really, just pointing out some things…happy birthday USA feel FREE to blow up an m-80, if you were free to buy them.

new piece up in the original archive gallery

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so, i have a tooth that is sweet, and during my grocery store run a few days ago, which i seem to do every other day, i spotted the little debbie shelves. i generally prefer hostess but this banana pudding rolls caught my eye, i love the banana pudding action, and all rolled up i couldn’t resist. so it went home with me. i didn’t put any of the food away, i went for the milk and the little debbie’s. i have to say i was a little disappointed, not even close to enough pudding, they’re too sweet for my tooth, the cake roll and the frosting over power the banana pudding, so i have to say this is a thumbs down, buy at your own tooth’s risk. stick to the hostess ho ho’s, and cup cakes, you can never go wrong with those.


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forced perspective has been accepted to the “blue whiskey independent film festival”

from their web site….”The Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival (BWiFF) is a not-for-profit organization based in the greater Chicagoland area. The festival seeks out bold and innovative filmmakers that utilize story elements in a new and exciting way, presenting character-driven independent cinema that is fueled by the filmmaker’s passion for the art without large studio support.

The Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival will be presenting its 2015 festival from July 19 – 26 at the Star Cinema Grill in Arlington Heights, Illinois. In 2014, the festival exhibited over 30 films from around the globe that competed for a variety of awards that ranged in genre, production, performance and audience categories.”

more info HERE



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got a bunch of new stuff available like the piece below, i like drawing those feet, like the angel wiggling his big toe, feet and hands i dig drawing, anyway….check them all out in the original available gallery


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Tickets on sale now for Forced Perspective screening at @indyfilmfest. see june 20th update. Ticket and screening information available here: http://indyfilmfest.org/films/forced-perspective/
July 19th at 5:30pm at the Deboest Theater
July 24th at 1:30 pm at the Toby Theater

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well, nick cavalier, who did the documentary on me “forced perspective” (see june 20th update ) went and got all cavalier and had the art work for the movie tattooed on him. looks good nick, now let’s get started on “forced perspective II” so you have something for the other side.

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regarding yesterday’s post about blog readership. thanks for the emails, i got a few, so i don’t feel like i’m spitting in the wind anymore. i’ll keep trying to come up with stuff to write about…i think i’m gonna write about “little debbies” tomorrow….i know, edge of your seat and all.

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does anyone read this blog? let me know  info@derekhess.com

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so what did you do last night? well if you were like me and rommel you stayed in and watched TCM (turner classic movie channel) because two classics were on. two types of movies TMC rarely shows…so i was just walking’ the board and decided to take a look at channel 790 and i was like “holy shit”, they were showing back to back, “godzilla vs monster zero“which had many titles, and the first one “godzilla, king of monsters”, movies i grew up on watching hoolihan and big chuck and several other creature feature locally produced TV shows. it was pizza delivery time and no phone calls time. i love the part on monster zero where rodan pulls monster zero’s tail, aka ghidorah, you know the one with the three heads. and the first one when the power lines sounding tokyo can’t stop godzilla, he just walks right through them…like i have to tell you. if you’ve never seen the first one , shame on you.


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lets talk about craw. craw was a cleveland band i booked at the euclid just about every year once a month when i worked there, 1989 – 1995. craw were before their time, actually craw was their time, no one has come close to sounding like craw. as i wrote in my may 4th update, they’re coming out with a box set of their first 3 releases on vinyl. i’ll attach the update from the craw camp in this up date…something else, the put on line a full craw concert from 1992, so download …here it is


 If you miss the download, write to crawtheband@gmail.com and they’ll re-upload it for you.
here’s flier i did for them and underneath is the box set up date.


What we’ve been up to
Posted by Hank Shteamer

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needs it too

BIG BLACK! should be remastered as well…i don’t know if touch and go remasters any of their catalog, or even if they’r still around, shame if they aren’t. many, many, touch and go records found their way to my turn table in the 1980’s the jesus lizard was probably their biggest and best success…but big black was no slouch either. their cd’s just don’t do them justice as is, they’re meant to be played loud so the neighbors can get an ear full from “songs about fucking”, perhaps their best release. big black always used a drum machine, and they pulled it off, perhaps a precursor to industrial music…but that’s for another rant…i do like a lot of 80’s industrial stuff….but this is for big black…and this song is called “fish fry” from songs about fucking.

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