ok…i guess i need to write something about what that dude….who’s running against my pal kent smith for state representative, ….what that dude has been spouting off about my art work. the book that kent and i put together has some pretty strong art, thank you dude, but dude jerks his knee, he’s a knee jerker. through out the book, please god save us, and mostly in the republican party chapter, i incorporated a symbol i drew from two of the most powerful symbols mankind has come up with…a cross and a swastika. dude, the knee jerker, goes off on how it’s a swastika and the book is anti-Semitic where in truth, and if dude could read, it is described as a crosstika. a crosstika represents the marriage of church and state, that’s it. now as far as the knee jerker goes, if he really and truly can’t read, then could he be competent holding elective office? wait, i guess one can, W was in for 8 years.

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blog blah blah…well, i got nothing…i do have a bunch of new art both in the original archive gallery, and the original available gallery…click on those links and take a look, i posted one below “i miss the idea of her III” done on 1929 sheet music…..i’ll come up with blog blah blah soon ;)


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there’s two days left of the fish fry. the fish fry is a body of work that consisted of only my north american fish fused with WWII aircraft. there is only one piece left along with just a handful of sketches…you can check them out at 1xRun fish fry


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ok, as many pals of mine know that kent smith, who wrote our book “please god, save us” is the announcer for the burning river roller girls (cleveland’s roller derby league), is also my pal. well, kent is at present time is running for Ohio House of Representatives…well….the please god book has been hijacked by his red elephant opponent. he’s painting kent to be a blasphemous (his words) extremist….his name is ‘will mikhail’, and will buddy, actually i think you should call me names instead of kent……now lets go burn some books!

this is must read, it’s not very long, and explains what i just wrote about….HERE

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blueprint prints are back!

two cleveland blueprints are back…limited run of 200 each….

#1 the blueprint to a wahoo..these are my rendition of Wahoo printed on actual blueprints from the Jacobs Field. this print works like the “suicide note” prints I and II do, it’s a signed edition print and each is consistent because the Wahoo is the same on each sheet, at the same time they’re unique because no one blueprint page is the same…win, win. a signed and number limited edition print, while still being a unique piece of art.

– signed and numbered limited edition of 200
– printed on blueprints from Jacobs Field.
– large 42 3/4″ x 30 1/2″
– Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
Price: $250 BUY NOW


#2 - 36″ x 24″ signed and numbered
– limited edition print of 200 created on a replica from the original blueprints from the Municipal Stadium.
– Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
Price: $150 BUY NOW


get both as a package deal… HERE


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the new brownie print is here! and i’m signing them! this print is different as we took one of the better browns stadium blueprint pages (see last years) and made this run all on that one. then the brownie is screened on top of that. they will be available asap..as soon as we can put together the store for it on the web site…stay tuned and check back with the available print gallery

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originals available

i’ve put ten originals in the original archive gallery. the piece above is one as are the ones in this posts gallery. one of those i did on a meter violation ticket




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hey! the movie “forced perspective, which is about me for lack of a better subject matter has a facebook page…i just found out… there are a ton of 258 of you…make it 259 with me on board. above is a still from the film of me fishing behind the rock hall not catching anything…the other two are from art shows that are from the film as well…one in LA and the other in detroit.

click HERE if you want to join up the facebook page

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there’s just a handful of my native america fish married to WWII aircraft pieces left. my good friends at 1xun are handling the sales and they are live, including the one pictured in this post. all pieces come framed like the one below except for the working concept drawings..check them out here HERE ….while we’re talking 1xRun…as i write this, there are only 4 of the burned out pieces left that i’m doing with 1xRun as well..check those out HERE



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the last two fish pieces are being adding to the bunch as i write this, and the bunch will drop at 12 noon east coast time…so keep an eye on any you may want

FRIDAY FISH FRY right there.
below is one of the working drawing sketch book pages that are available with the bunch

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