i’ve put up a series of pieces called “it’s time” in the original archive gallery…there’s also a bunch of new stuff in the orignal available gallery too…they will be ready soon, if you want one now, email marty@strhess.com and he’ll take care of you

my radio show is tomorrow at 11am to 12:30pm. the station is wcsb 89.3, listen on the air in cleveland, or anywhere on line at www.wcsb.org

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ok, my detroit show is called “EDP” which stands for ’emotionally disturbed person’ which is a police code..they say over the radio, “we have a EDP and we’re gonna shoot his ass”- so, the show is april 28th at inner state gallery, which is an awesome place.

i’m doing a print to go along with the opening which will be available on the 1xrun site, which is inner state’s sisiter site. it deals with on line sales of prints and art. so there, you have two things to look at. i’ll have that detroit print up soon…along with the print i am doing 5 hand embellished prints too…you’ll see those soon as well.

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ok, time for a new infrequent post! i’ll try to do better…

we have a new print ready for pre-order…”i’m the common thread of all my bad relationships”

you can order it “HERE”


i have a show in detroit that is starting to get closer…it’s april 28th at the inner state gallery…more info soon

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Don’t bore your partner with the same old dying flowers this year. Im offering 10 of these roses, first come first serve. Original rose drawing approximately 5” x 5” with stand and vase. The price is $200 + Shipping. If interested contact derekhess216@gmail.com. Ill even personalize it for the person you purchasing it for. Happy Valentines Day!


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ok…again with the lack of blogging…i don’t know, this blogging thing, i just can’t get it down, i’m working on it, one day i’ll blog like the goof tweets….anyway, i’m having a show that i’m collaborating pieces with artist scott pickering. scott is based here in cleveland and i’ve always been a fan of his work…here’s something i wrote up for the show..

“i’ve know Scott since the early 90’s from playing with many different bands (prisonshake, my dad is dead, etc) and soon there after became aware of his art work. fresh monstrous, hat wearing, garbage pelting, funny figures that bounce at you with bold applications of color…or no color at all. regardless the medium the message is conveyed, these fresh dudes are gonna grab you by the hair and whisper nonsense in your ears till they pop. Scott and i decided to take the two of our different approaches to the paper and combine them and see what happens. what’s grown from the mayhem are some solid expressions of serious nonsense that leaves the viewer satisfied.”

the show is called “double dog daddy-o” and will be february 17th, at the derek hess gallery, located at 1300 west 78th street, cleveland. this has been a fun collaboration, hope some of you can make it to…here’s one of the pieces we’ve done together..


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the new, new years eve clutch poster is on sale today..check them out here – pre-order item. Expected to ship on or around January 3, 2017


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well, the detroit show at inner state gallery will be april 28th and it is called “EDP” which is a police term for emotionally disturbed person….which i know nothing about 😉  –  much of the show will consist of my new cardboard layered three D pieces like this woody wood pecker one. this one is 4 layers deep. i really like how i get nice cast shadows on these…i should have 25 + of them in the show along with other things i do like 8 tracks and pen and ink drawings.

remember tomorrow is wednesday so it’s my radio show day. i’ll be on 9am to 12:30pm east coast time. you can listen on line if you like WCSB 89.3


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well, we got snow…i’m in an eastern suburb of cleveland and we got 15″. the west side got nothing.


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ok, we did an offset print of the ‘in flames’ cd cover art, you can pre-order it right now at this LINK, image is below.

next wednesday, matt fish the owner of the MELT bar and grilled diner chain will be my radio guest. my show is called “overrated” and can be heard on WCSB 89.3 wednesdays 11am to 12:30pm east coast time, there is a live stream as well. there is an on line archive of the last show i did that will stay up for one week. the one archived now is about paul mccartney and how he’s been dead since 1966.


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