attention folks who came to the shows i booked at the euclid tavern from 1989 – 1995. we’re putting together a book of my fliers i did for the shows i booked at the euc and we’re looking for stories from the folks who where in attendance…you remember the jesus lizard, soul coughing, cop shoot cop, etc, and have a story to go along with them hit me up, we want you!

please send to

here’s a picture of me and david yow from the jesus lizard from back in the day…

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anyone know anything about this band “riggs” ? i have the heavy metal movie sound track and they’re some songs on there from a band called ‘riggs’.
they sound great, i’d like to know more about them, pick up some of their music, but i’m not a good web searcher, thats why i’m asking you to let me know what you find.
in the mean time, i’m working on a few peaces focused on the nine lives cats have and incorporating into my life…how many lives i have left…or you, depending on how you view them….there’s one up right now, the better one will be up sometime tomorrow.

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hell is cold this time of year

again i’m reporting hell has frozen over. wncx cleveland’s classic rock has dared to play “iron maiden – seventh son of a seventh son”. what am i supposed to do now? like wncx? you know in the morning they’ll go back to playing pat benatar and loverboy. idk, i’ll keep this case open for now.

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WOW! what a great christmas gift i got! UFO ‘live sightings’. it’s a box set of UFO live recordings from the early 1980’s. the package is very cool, the cover is a cool shot of pete way in his checkered pants and paul chapman behind him…and when you open it up the first the you have are two UFO tour books, one from the ‘no place to run’ tour and the other from the mechanix tour. then under that is a large booklet of UFO info from the recording those years with paul chapman. then there is yellow vinyl of UFO stuff from 1972. THEN, under all that are four live concert UFO shows from 1980 chicago, 1981 chicago, 1982 st. louis, and the cleveland agora 1982.
lights out, lights out in cleveland!

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Alone for the holidays, i get it, me too. Not only is the clinical depression there, but seasonal creeps up on me too. Keep in mind, we’ll get through it, we always do….what’s my secret?…EGG NOG!

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ok group, got the new clutch posters in for their new years eve show at the masonic in cleveland. shoud be a great show, i know their new cd, “book of bad decisions” is pretty awesome, it’ll be nice to hear that new material live – order poster HERE

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the two new pint glasses are now available……

‘falling feather’ available HERE

‘teddy angel’ available HERE

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Terms of Surrender
Offset print, printed on 100# matte stock, 18″ x 24″signed and numbered limited edition of 150.
Pre-order now for $65.00, original price is $75.00.

pre-order HERE

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12. Pull The Arrows – Sale $50, Originally $75

11. The Horrible That Ate Cleveland- Sale $50, Originally $75

10. Presence – Sale $75.00 Originally $150

9. Nevermore – Sale $30, Originally $50

8. Don’t Hold Strong Opinions About Things You – Sale $50, Originally $75

7. 31 Days In May Book – Sale $35, originally $45

6. Clutch 2015 – Sale $20, originally $30

5. Superman 216Sale – $20.00, Originally $30.00

4. Black White and Red All Over – Sale $30, Originally $44.99

3. I’m The common Thread of All My Bad Relationships -Sale $30, Originally $50

2. All good angels Go To Heaven – Sale $50, Originally $75

1. Full of Love – Sale $50, Originally $75

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