well, it’s been a few days since my last entry…sorry about that…anyway, i’ve gotten two new cd’s that are most excellent…the live ghost cd called “ceremony and devotion” and the rush remaster of “a farewell to kings”. the farewell to kings comes with two extra cd’s that have a live concert from that tour at the hammersmith odeon recorded on february 20th, 1978. i’m playing the hell out of both releases. the rush one has ‘cygnus x-1’ live which is amazing, and the ghost has all the good ones, recorded in san francisco during their most recent tour. the artwork and packaging on both of them is great, especially the rush release.


let’s see i’ve just posted a new piece in the original archive gallery..that’s about it, have a good day.


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Im hitting the road in May to sign my new book ’31 Days in May: A Visual Journal of Mental Health and Addiction’. If you have a gallery, tattoo shop, books store, organization or school and would like to host me just email me. Movie screenings, talks and Q&A’s are also available depending on the venue and time. Portion of proceeds will go to a mental health organization to be announced.


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i was driving by edgewater park on the way to the gallery today and thought i’d take a picture of the ice on lake erie. thats the fishing pier, the cement block structures in a line going under it are old supports from the original pier that ran horizontal with the land. it was washed away during a storm.



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check out the original from the 1960’s gi joe i got yesterday at big fun…everything at big fun is half off because they are closing down, so this joe was half off, what a steel, they have a few more if you want one, but you better hurry.



for those of you that dont know the place here’s a picture…and hit that link for pictures too


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check it out, i found a working drawing i did for the “sheer heart attack” piece – radio show went good today, hope some one listened.


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radio warning: my show is tomorrow 11am to 12:30pm east coast time. dont be a loser, tune in for rock! 89.3 cleveland or anywhere in the world on line at wcsb.org

hey! look at that guy in the kiss shirt…those guys are ready to rock!


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over the past few weeks, my pals helen, libby and myself have been prerecording radio shows that have been airing over night on wcsb. the station has decided instead of going off the air for a few hours in the wee morning that programing should continue 24 hours a day. so, our rock show runs monday night / tuesday mornings from 3am to 5am east coast time and will air every week, that’s tonight so tune in. it is a good pairing of rock and banter. my regular show will also continue wednesdays 11am to 12:30pm so do not fret. the radio station is 89.3 cleveland or anywhere in the world at WCSB.ORG

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first thing is i’m going to be having a podcast! that’s right, me and a pal of mine are going to be putting one together, i have a meeting with her and marty tomorrow after my radio show regarding it…which brings up the second thing…my radio show is tomorrow so tune at 11am, it runs to 12:30pm east coast time on 89.3 cleveland airspace or anywhere in the world at WCSB.ORG. third thing…i got my new angel mug in the mail today (see picture below), it’s spectacular. i may just have to play them on the show tomorrow. and last thing…the “love song” prints and bundles are sold out. we still have a few of the roses with vases left, so check them out while you still can (see previous update).



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ok, valentines day is fast approaching and i have valentines days stuff ready. first off, i did twenty pen and acrylic rose pieces, about 4” x 4”, varies from piece to piece (see january 14th update). they come with a vase suitable for sitting at the center of your table, or on the mantle, see HERE. secondly i have a new valentines day print, “love song” which is a silk screen on vintage music sheets (see january 16th update). each print is different becasue every music sheet is different, edition of 50, see HERE.  and third is a bundle of both, and with that bundle i’ll personalize the back of the flower for your sweet heart, see HERE…and if you go with the bundle you’ll be saving $20.




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