as for me…i continue to go into wcsb’s studios to learn buttons, previews, psa’s, turn tables, cd players, on air mic, and that rush has a ton of live releases, i had no idea, and i’m a rush fan…i guess i took the 90’s off..

as for wmms, i’m in this face book group that is a fan page for wmms in the 70’s and 80’s and it’s RIDICULOUS…hit after sucky ass hit is posted by the sheep who ate up those hits hook line and sinker in the 80’s…i remember those folks in high school, most were the jocks and up tight students who wouldn’t smoke pot. i post 70’s music like thin lizzy and ac/dc, the non hits, the good stuff. i wrote a post on there about the problem, not attacking, just pointing out and boy did some folks get panty twisted on me. i held my tongue so i wouldn’t get kicked off the page, but i can vent on here..i should post the fb people that are diligently ignorant on here and let you all fuck with them…but there’s probably some kind of law that would get me.. i will post the page so you all can join in and post GOOD stuff, i have the upmost faith that if you’re reading this, you probably can see past “jenny i got your number 876-5309”.

WMMS – Buzzard Radio in the 70s & 80s Fan Club

check out the classic buzzard bumper sticker i got from big fun





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i figure a cute picture of rommel would get you to read this…. i keep forgetting to mention…i’m getting a radio show! provided i can work all the nobs right. i’ll be on WCSB 89.3 fm and you’ll be able to listen on line if you’re not in cleveland airspace. it’ll be at least a month so i’ll keep you all in the loop. don’t know the time or day yet…that’ll be figured out when i figure out all the nobs.

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i got the new aftershock, “detonate” on auburn records yesterday in the mail. if you like power metal this is power metal at it’s finest, up and in your face. i was expecting average to good, needless to say it exceeded my expectations, it’s good to great. tough to pick the best tune out of the bunch, i’m gonna have to go with ‘ready to rock’ that’s the jam. can’t wait to see this stuff live and really in your face.

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“Helluva Band” is the 2nd album by ANGEL, released on May 18, 1976. Happy 40th anniversary!


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The Derek Hess Gallery at 78th St. Studios in Gordon Square will host a gallery opening for You Are What You Wear on May 20, 2016 from 5 to 9 pm. The show features a private collection of rare vintage band and concert t-shirts from the 70s, 80s & 90s. This show will only be on display for one night.
This private collection features authentic first runs of iconic shirts like Venom’s Welcome to Hell, Iron Maiden’s Powerslave and a shirt from Metallicas first tour. Other bands featured in the collection include Megadeath, Destruction, Def Leppard, Dio and Ozzy Osbourne. All the shirts are in varying conditions, some chronicling pieces in rock history with rips and tears, while others could have been freshly pulled from the printer. The entire collection features almost 100 rare and vintage shirts.


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it’s been six years ago today that ronnie james dio died…..six years ago today we lost one of the best.


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guess i jumped the gun a little bit on rommel’s shave down. it didn’t warm up like i was hoping so now i got a shaved dog under blankets.


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well, it’s that time of year, rommel got his G.I. cut.


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as of this post there are 3 day, 3 hours and 45 minutes left on on the 1xRun print and original deal, these originals are not available on my site for sale…..there are three originals left, the one below being one of them. here’s all the info ..1xRun grouping and original art



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the show this last friday was great, big thanks to gary and all at copro gallery for running a tight ship while making it look easy…i know what goes into putting on an art show, and it isn’t always easy, they where all co-pro. thanks to juxtapoze magazine, monique from saves ferris and M.J. for taking care of me and a huge thanks to everyone who showed up..without you, we would have been all alone 😉









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