cleveland art show tonight…my pal jason byers at 78th st.

my buddy jason, singer from disengage has an opening tonight here in cleveland…that’s one of his pieces above, click on it and read below…


April 18- June 14, 2014

Featuring new works by Jason Alexander Byers

(CLEVELAND) March 24, 2014- HEDGE Gallery presents “TRANSITION”, a show comprised of Jason Alexander Byer’s most recent art projects including his tar and paper series and target themed collages.

Byers is a child of the Rust Belt (he is a native Pittsburgher with strong connections in Cleveland), who studied sculpture at Kent State University where he turned to the indulgent and wildly inventive arts and music scenes of Kent, Ohio. It was music that took him on tours across Europe and the United States as the vocalist of well-known Cleveland-based band Disengage.

After moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2009, Byers has continued working on fine art and music. Building on his fascination with cityscapes and skylines, his most recent art project involves tracing the positive and negative space of New York City’s churches using tar, watercolors, and india ink, which conjure up all of the implicit menace of a Rorschach inkblot, with pop culture as his prime target. While not strictly iconoclastic, his most recent projects nonetheless call to question an obsessive fascination with buildings and the ideas inside them.

Byers has most recently shown at Dickinson Roundell Inc. NY, NY and will be exhibiting at  Garis & Hahn opening April 3rd, 2014.

TRANSITION opens Friday April 18, 5:00- 9:00p, at HEDGE Gallery, located at 1300 West 78th Street, Suite 200 in the 78th Street Studios complex.

Works will be on display through June 14, 2014.

For more information contact gallery director Hilary Gent at (216) 650-4201,  HYPERLINK “” or visit




kickstarter is making possible for there to be a “craw box set”. each set contains the three craw records….but the need your help to make it happen…i just joined up, you can help craw too HERE

craw was a band that i had play the euclid tavern almost once a month, opening for someone or headlining, what a great band they were.


the past two pieces i did (1 & 2) have actual suicide notes incorporated into them. i’m finding many actual suicide notes when research for ones i can use either too long or too short…and they tend to be blaming or shaming one person for their death..”had they not done that, i wouldn’t have done this” type thing…blame their mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband,.cat,….come on, that kind of letter is going to make your memory last about two minutes. yes write on why you did it, but make the specifics brief, people can’t relate to your trail, they can relate to the place you ended up at, the feeling. so make that note about the bigger picture, write it about life and death, about leaving this world for another, a better place, about the change from turmoil and pain to peace, about the pain others have brought and how that helps make exiting easier, but don’t make it about them, they don’t deserve that praise…. and you should own what you did anyway. defiantly discus your feelings, dig into them, to the core and how that will make your transition from the living to the dead make sense. fuck everyone who judges you and make it make sense, that would be a total kick in their ass.

drama is good for sure, it is a dramatic thing you did, but don’t make it the definition of your suicide, make it your own, i’m saying let go of specifics (unless that has everything to do with it). broaden it up, get people to relate…if you get into too much “poor me”, and their should be some poor me’s, but too much poor me-ing will turn people off and blame you for your death when it’s not really your fault, you just pulled the plug.


not trying to be insensitive by any means…in fact i’m trying to honor the memory of those who left before us, we all can’t write resignation letters, for many people death isn’t expected.
i’m going to draw my friends arms. she wasn’t crying for help, she meant it, her scars are a few years old, but they initial looked like they did in this recent piece of mine…hope i can pull it off.
this is my favorite suicide song.


i had an encounter  with a homeless / shelter guy while walking rommel last night. he didn’t care for the rejection notice to his application for money…so a heated exchange regarding violence ensued in front of the womens shelter. a police car happened to be driving by while he was telling me he was going to “rip my throat out”. i flagger it over. the guy was in the police car when i left.

i don’t feel safe walking my dog around the block now (womens shelter is around the block), the dog walking area around here continues to shrink.
i’m a short timer here are for superior, the dust off can’t come soon enough.
Q: what do you call a homeless shelter? A: prison without walls


today it’s been one year since the death of jose…. it’s like he wasn’t a dog, he was a superhero, missed very much.




all right, i was at the inner state gallery in detroit earlier today, the guys who put on my show, it’s still hanging for another week if you’re in the D. their other business, 1xRUN, works with on line print sales. we’re doing an edition, but they’re not a print. we’re lazier burning the hemorrhage piece on boards so they’ll all be the same. then the red is applied so each one is unique. on the corners will be bolts to hold it off the wall about an inch to create some cool cast shadows. 1xRUN are handling the sales of these so watch  this link HERE


here’s an email i just sent off to some people who work for various departments of the city of cleveland that i know, they’re good people…i get tickets from the might cleveland ticketing department in front of where i live…and then i get my car window broken out by trash from the men’s shelter…anyway i thought this was a good one, not that it’ll do any good.

 oh yes, remember to listen to us on the radio tonight, check the previous update for info…got press on it for some unkown reason….and check this out marc  storace , lead singer of KROKUS will be calling in..yes i’m a krokus fan boy.
 the letter…..
i just got another ticket for parking across the street from my building. WHO is this boss of tickets and what gives him the right to ticket me? i’m gonna go park in his driveway, he probably lives out in the burbs where there is plenty of parking. why does he want to make it hard for people to live in cleveland? we get our windows broken and we get tickets for having the luxury of owning a car in cleveland ohio.i want to park in his driveway, sleep on his couch, watch his TV, and raid his refrigerator.

maybe the answer is to sleep in my car and confront both the bad guy and good guy who target it.

your pal, derek

ps.  i think it’s a conspiracy to get more people to use RTA.


metal on metal – tomorrow / friday 8pm east coast, listen in…on line too

so tomorrow is radio night (see the april 8th update) i love doing radio…and i really love that i’l be getting a pod cast going on…but first things first, me and nick and rommel will be guests on bill peters show “metal on metal” which has been on the air now for over 30 years. you know your doing something right if you can have a radio show not just last, but thrive for over 30 years……anyway nick is going to be filming for the documentary and bill is gonna interview him a bit which is cool, he’s always behind the camera, maybe he’ll spill his guts about something….as for rommel, this is his debut on bill’s show and he has his entrance music prepared…you know he’s the desert fox and all….details….WJCU 88.7 you can listen online - metal on metal, friday / tomorrow we’ll be on at 8 pm east coast time.

i’ve done a little work for bill in the past…this poster was one (click HERE), my buddy pants did the lay out...RAVEN was on that show, love the raven action, that was a lot of crazy early /mid eights stuff…what a great band



ok, mr. bill peters brought it to my attention, not directly,  that many of my record covers weren’t up in my record cover gallery. apparently the didn’t make it when we switched from the old to the new web site. i’m having to work from memory, but i think i got most of them…the converge front cover will be up soon….maybe by the time you’ve read this….if you notice a missing cover, send me an email, i’d appreciate it.


originals available on site now!

there’s 8 new pieces available in the original available gallery including 5 chief wahoo’s like the one posted above.

nick the film maker and myself will be guests on bill peter’s radio show “metal on metal” which is on WJCU 88.7 this friday. as some of you know i’ve been on his show more than a few times and it’s always a lot of fun…more info soon….rommel will be making his debut as well.