the new brownie print is here! and i’m signing them! this print is different as we took one of the better browns stadium blueprint pages (see last years) and made this run all on that one. then the brownie is screened on top of that. they will be available soon as we can put together the store for it on the web site…stay tuned and check back with the available print gallery

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originals available

i’ve put ten originals in the original archive gallery. the piece above is one as are the ones in this posts gallery. one of those i did on a meter violation ticket




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hey! the movie “forced perspective, which is about me for lack of a better subject matter has a facebook page…i just found out… there are a ton of 258 of you…make it 259 with me on board. above is a still from the film of me fishing behind the rock hall not catching anything…the other two are from art shows that are from the film as well…one in LA and the other in detroit.

click HERE if you want to join up the facebook page

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there’s just a handful of my native america fish married to WWII aircraft pieces left. my good friends at 1xun are handling the sales and they are live, including the one pictured in this post. all pieces come framed like the one below except for the working concept drawings..check them out here HERE ….while we’re talking 1xRun…as i write this, there are only 4 of the burned out pieces left that i’m doing with 1xRun as well..check those out HERE



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the last two fish pieces are being adding to the bunch as i write this, and the bunch will drop at 12 noon east coast time…so keep an eye on any you may want

FRIDAY FISH FRY right there.
below is one of the working drawing sketch book pages that are available with the bunch

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neighborhood bullies

so since i moved into heaven….i’ve come across two neighborhood bullies. the first one cornered my cat the jo underneath the back yard deck…jo is an idiot, has become a total house cat for the last six years at my old hell spot. now that we’re here, i leave the back door open so the jo and rommel can go in and out…well a tough guy tom cat sniffed the jo out and went to establish who was boss around here….the cat fight started, you know how those sound, and i’m sure the jo was getting his lunch money taken from him…so i got rommel and told him to go save his bro. rommel heard what was up and charged out to the deck with all guns blazing. alley cat didn’t want any part of that and split…the jo came running inside…the jo’s an idiot.

the other one was yesterday…even though i have a fenced in yard i still take rommel for a morning and evening walk though the strangely twilight zone perfect neighborhood. during yesterdays walk after the evening news we came across a lone wolf pug off leash sniffing around some well kept bushes. the little shit see us and charges much like rommel charged at the cat fight….now i love all dogs, but the pug is the breed of dog i love least (still love mind you), rommel gets his growl on so i switch him to the far side of me and stomp my foot and yell at the pug as to break it’s attention from rommel and run off. it didn’t work. it came right back aggressive at as hell..a pug, a tough guy, who would have thought? so, i do my stomp and take steps toward it this time all while holding rommel back. didn’t work, so i cross the street and this dog starts doing the same, not a owner in sight. so this time i let rommel do the talking thinking maybe the dog will understand dog talk. rommel gets his bristles up starts his deep husky bark and begins kicking his back legs throwing divots of tree lawn grass into the air. dog didn’t get it, he’s still approaching barking out of his mind…what else the dog didn’t get is that i had rommel on a 10′ retractable leash. i’ve had him pulled in up to my side when i gave up and told rommel to get him. rommel charges at this pug with all guns blazing again, that dog ran to the hills, a pug’s bark was worse than pug ass, i mean punk ass’s bite. i reel in rommel and “good boy” him, the pug retreats to the safety of his side of the street and continues to bark…but he stays well out of rommel’s rang…then a woman see’s him, calls him back into her yard and scolds him… last thing, the woman never apologized for her poor dog owner skills.
FYI: fish WWII pieces like the ones in this post go on sale on 1xRun friday and there’s still a few burned out’s left on 1xRun right now.

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ok…there have been problems with the blog, many pictures disappeared when it went down…i think the puton luvin ruskies did it, they like to fuck with websites cause their greasy vodka drinking slobs that can’t get a real job…if it was them, they probably went in and realized there’s no money and went off to the white castle site…OR, more likely, it was isis. they probably didn’t care for my isis bashing…like i think they should be called “eye cyst”….losers.

anyway..FISH FRY FRIDAY is this friday…what am i talking about? i’ll tell you, all the fish married with WWII aircraft will be going on sale on 1xRun, like the burned outs are, i think there’s just a handful of those left, so get  off the fence and get one, there won’t be anymore..anyway, the fish, there probably won’t be any more of these, at least not in a large group, i love them, but i’ve ran out of steam fishin..anyway, it’s a cool batch, like this dr. seuss bomber fish. the page on 1xRUN will be up soon, it’s being put together as i write this, stay tuned and get your fishing tackle ready..


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there’s a handful of the burned out pieces left on 1xRun web site. check several of the previous updates if you don’t know what i’m talking about….if you’re on the fence about getting one, deciding would be a wise thing to do seeing how they’re going….


speaking of my pals at 1xRUN, they’ll be doing an online sale of my latest batch of fish/ww2 pieces. there will be 19 of those total. i did a batch of them in 2010 and 2011 as some of you may remember and then burned out on them till now….but once again i’ve burned out on them. so if you’re interested in getting one of them watch this blog and 1xRUN. i may not do anymore for a while..or i may never do any ever again..who knows. picture below are two i’m packing up to send to detroit.



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burned out ready

yes, they’re all the way live right now on 1xRUN everyone is unique due to the paint i put down on the arms. the figure is etched into the wood exactly like the original print, bolts on the corners and ready to hang.

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froggy art


my pal mike olszewski (former wmms DJ, instructor at kent state, and an author of “radio dazz, a history of wmms, when they were good…it’s a good read) asked me to do something on his old ukelele. mike was also involved in the wonderful / unique counter tv culture we had in the mid to late 60’s and into the seventies. he was tied in with late night horror movie guys, ghoularde, hoolihan and big chuck, little john and big chuck, the ghoul, and superhost. we had it made here with such a wealth of knuckle heads. the first time i saw godzilla (original with raymond bur) was on hoolihan and big chuck…and pretty much all the old monster/horror flicks i first saw on one or another of these guy’s shows….anyway, to point, the ghoul always blew things up, mostly dragster models which were big then..but he also tormented his side kick “froggy“. so..i drew froggy on mike’s  ukelele….

ps- burned out’s are live right now on 1xRUN..check previous update

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