ok, we’re in the middle of moving the studio which means all drawers are gone through. here are two things that i’m making available and are really hard to get. the first one in the figure called “strength and clarity” which is a two color lithograph in did in 1989…there were only 4 of these made so that about sums that up. the second is an artist proof for noose halo which has been sold out for quite some time. if there’s interest in either send me an email, serious inquiries only, thanks.




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ok…rommel got his first hair cut done for the season. his barber met us over at the studio and gave him the G.I. cut…pictured below, doing it and done.

BTW i never did care for pat benatar….i know you’ve been meaning to ask me.

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so i’m walking rommel around my wonderful neighborhood (that’s not sarcasim) for his evening constitution, and we come up on a house where i’ve never seen anyone that lives there in the past. there’s an suv in the driveway and two women in the car, actually one woman is half out holding onto a baby at the age where it can stand up with the support from mom. mom is supporting. all of a sudden the baby starts crying, as many babys do, it’s mom’s reaction isn’t what you do. she, mom, snatches the crying baby up and screams at it “shut the fuck up!” and pulls the kid into the car. then the driver yells, “i’ll shut that kid up”, mom gets all the way into the car, closes the door and they drive away. i continue walking and get in front of the house where they came from….in front by the door is a sign, it say’s “god bless”.


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if you know about craw…..you know. if not and are open minded to heavy music this is a golden chance to educate yourself. the craw kickstarter is on.

as many of you know, i worked closely with craw in the early to mid 1990’s. did several 7″ covers, art for full length releases, a number of posters along with TONS of flyers.

give craw a little kickstart, hit this LINK and find out more.

here’s one of the posters from 1995, it was done during the baseball strike…..



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the runaways = cool,  joan jett and the blackhearts = not cool



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befor you get an inbreed abused puppy mill puppy…watch THIS, these guys really need the love and help put puppy millers out of business

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LosAngeles‬! You can purchase your tickets to “Forced Perspective” screening at the 2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival. showing is this friday, may 1st.
Info for ticket purchase available HERE



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i just did my second of the “missing girls you never knew” pieces and thought it was a line by UFO all these years when in fact it’s “listen girls you never know” form the song “this fire burns tonight”who knew…love that song still….  anyway, i wanted to get these two pieces down before memory fades from my trip tip phoenix. i get little crushes on girls from time to time when i’m away, nothing creepy mind you, just little things. well, i got a little one who worked at the front desk at the clarendon which was my hotel, there was some mild flirting back and forth, nothing like i could ask her out to dinner or go fly kites or something since i was only there a few days. so that what those pieces are about, brief crushes on nothing that ever can develop.


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can we just talk about this amazing gil kane drawing for x-men 95. he is amazing, look at how the figures flow together, and check out how well he defines the muscles on the arms like the triceps on the guy up front, i forgot his name, they killed him off, i think maybe in this issue, i remember buying this issue at this place called tommy’s on coventry. tommy’s is still there, they don’t sell comics anymore though….anyway, gil kane is by far my biggest influence as far as drawing goes.


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so phoenix again….sometimes at shows people will approach me and show me tattoo’s of my images they had tattooed on them…which is amazing and very fattering. at the phoenix opening a girl did just that….what she had done was the “presence” pieces on her upper theigh. now rarely someone will ask me to sign their tattoo, and even more rare is when they get the signature tattooed…that’s what she did…here are the pictures…first is the tattoo, then me signing it, then the pen signature, and last the signature tattooed.





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